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The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
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The leading lady of this book is Gwen, a harpy (love the use of the harpy myth; never seen that one before). She has been imprisoned for the last year in a cell where she awaits her captor's to figure out how to sedate one of her kind so they can rape and impregnate her so they may spawn a half harpy/half human warrior for their ranks. While they wait, they systematically rape other women of other supernatural species in front of her and she watches as the other prisoners progress in their pregnancies in their neighboring cells.

Our leading man, Sabin, is an immortal being with a demon of doubt trapped within him, causing Gwen to constantly hear mocking comments within her head. He rescues Gwen then forbids her from leaving his side, traps her in his bedroom, insists she learn to fight because she will spend her rest of her days fighting in a war he started, and forces her to shower nude with him with the intention of taking her sexually whether she agrees or not (but this is a romance novel, so she does).

Holy shit, what a heavy premise.

Don't worry either, none of that is a spoiler, that all happens early on. The rest of the book is an attempt at sexual tension.

I wouldn’t mind any of this (besides the shower part) but Showalter writes the whole thing with her easy going and fluffy prose, which is fine, normally, but it contrasts too starkly with the story and ends up just being a long flyer for a take back the night rally.
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