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Lost Paradise by Kathy Marks
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Apr 23, 2009

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Leslie Hi Eva,
I'm looking forward to reading this too. Back when I first saw the movie The Bounty, I went on this big kick of reading everything I could find about the mutiny on the bounty. It's so interesting. And it kind of braches out into three stories--the men who made it back to England with the captain--which is an incredible survival story, the men who stayed with the mutineers on the ship--a lot of people who wanted to go with the captain couldn't fit in the lifeboat--but then stayed on Tahiti to wait for the next ship back to England, and the mutineers--Fletcher Christian and his followers and the Tahitian men and women that they took to Pitcairn Island. There are so many books about them. It's fascinating.

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Eva Leger I've never read anything on the subject believe it or not but this just looked too interesting to pass up! God only knows when I'll get to it but I hope to someday...LOL
I read a few reviews on it and it keeps getting more and more interesting to me!

Leslie I saw the book in Borders and it caught my eye, but I didn't want to spend the money--but it looks incredible, I'm going to have to get it eventually.
The whole topic is so interesting. When the mutineers went to the island they brought women and men from Tahiti, but they didn't bring enough women and each white man had a Tahitian wife, but the Tahitian men were sharing a few women. And the white men were treating the Tahitian men like slaves, which wasn't what they said they were going to do. So when one of the original mutineers died, the Tahitian men wanted his wife, but then one of the other white men decided he wanted two wives, and the Tahitian men killed almost all the white men, but by then they had all had a bunch of kids. By the time they were discovered by the English, there was only one mutineer still alive, a few old ladies and a whole bunch of kids and teenagers and people in their 20's. All the people on that island are the descendents of the mutineers and the Tahitians that went with them. And the funny thing is, no one knows how Fletcher Christian died. That's a mystery that's never been solved.

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Eva Leger Wow- now you've done it! LOL I can't know that much (and little LOL) about a book and be interested and NOT get it. I'm going to have to get it now.
See, I know next to nothing about any of this but what I have found and since I saw this book listing makes me want to know more.
I still need to tell you about BM and PBS. I'm using one contact because I scraped my one eye so everything is off balance and I've found myself staying away from doing much of anything. I can hold a book up to my face so that's okay thank God! But doing anything else is weird but it IS coming!

Leslie I'm sorry to hear about your eye! Don't worry about getting me that info, I can just go on those sites and get it. Don't even worry about that.
It's interesting too, because almost the men on the ship did not want to mutiny. But they couldn't all fit on the lifeboat the mutineers put the captain in, it was way overloaded as it was, way too many people. The lifeboat finally reached this town that was about 3000 miles away and it's still supposed to be one of the most amazing feats of navigation ever. Bligh was a master navigator. So the non-mutineers on the ship stayed in Tahiti when it went back there, to wait for the next ship back to England, but when the ship came, they arrested all the people from the Bounty and locked them up to go back to England and stand trial. Then that ship sank! So a bunch of people from that ship were stranded on this other uninhabited island and when they were rescued and taken back to England, they all stood trial for mutiny and by that time, Bligh couldn't remember who mutineed and who didn't, and some innocent people hung. Bligh was put on trial when he got back--I guess that was standard procedure for a captain whose crew mutinied, they had to see if the captain provoked it or not. He was found innocent. And while all that was going on, the mutineers and Tahitians were busy procreating and trying to survive on Pitcairn Island. Crazy, huh? Fletcher Christian was not stable mentally, according to some people and he would go up in the hills for days and one day he didn't come back. Some people think he killed himself and some people think he fell off a cliff or something. Then they discovered how to distill the local plants into alcohol and things went from bad to worse on the island. And they had burned the ship so no one could take it and leave.
Yeah, I'm going to have to break down and get it too. You know, The National Geographic has some amazing articles about Pitcairn Island. I found those after I found all the books I could and got as updated as possible, but that was years ago. I remember in picture they had tupperware--that seemed so crazy--they had tupperware, of all things.
Then at one time the entire island, except a tiny group who refused, were evacuated to Norfork Island because Pitcairn was becoming overpopulated, but since then a lot of the people have gone back. So now there are two colonies of decendents. I also read that some Christian Science or Jehovah Witness, I can't remember which--missionairies went there and converted almost all the people. Maybe tomorrow I can find some more stuff on the internet, hadn't thought about that.
Hope your eye is better!

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Eva Leger Whoa- I'm sure all that info is going to help more people than just me become more interested! LOL You know a lot about this Leslie- I have to say, you're really making me want to know more asap!
I think I'm going to look around a little on-line too. I really want to get ahold of this though- I need to order a few books from amazon and pre-order one that comes out in a few days so I'll just stick this in with them!
Thanks for all the amazing info!
Oh- I have to wait until the end of this week for my glasses to come in and my contacts won't be in until at least Wed. too. So I'm working with one eye here and my poor daughter doesn't understand why I don't want to take her bike riding out on our road. LOL At least I can hold the book an inch from my face and read whatever I'm reading at the time though- I guess I should count myself lucky! LOL Thanks again!

Leslie Good luck with your eyes! It sounds painful! I'm gonna have to get this too--let me know when you get yours, maybe I'll get mine then too and we can read them together. I wonder if Amazon has any used copies.
How old is your daughter? Mine is 16.

Leslie Hey--guess what! They have used copies on Amazon for about 4$! I just ordered one. I wanted to let you know they were so cheap!

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Eva Leger Oh boy- mine isn't even 4 yet! She'll be 4 in Sept. I can't imagine her at 16! I don't think I want to yet! LOL She's a really good kid though- I always think, as bad as I was, I can't believe I got a kid like her!
I will let you know when I get this too- that would be cool. I do like reading along with someone else and being able to talk about it while you're reading instead of after when I have to fight to remember everything!

Leslie Cool--let me know when you get it and that's when I will start mine too--although it might be hard to wait!
They're so cute at that age. Sometimes I miss her being little, but every age has aspects that are extra special. I know what you mean, too, because I had a real rocky teenage-hood, and Emily is doing good so far. I feel very lucky. We have a good relationship.

Leslie Hi Eva,
I got my copy of the book! Let me know when you get yours, I love the idea of reading them together!
:) Leslie

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Eva Leger I will- I'm glad you got your copy already!

Leslie Cool!

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