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The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester
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Apr 26, 09

bookshelves: fantasy-adventure, uplifting-inspirational, sci-fi
Read in April, 2009

This book was enjoyable in quite an unexpected way. As I began the book, I was immediately caught up in the conversational tone of the third person narrative and amused by the casual wit. Just 25 pages in, I thought the book was simply a light-hearted but quirky tale of childish fantasy. (Really, as a reader, who hasn’t had a dream at least once in their slumber in which they can suddenly fly?!)

However, quite unexpectedly, I found there was much more to this book. In fact, I found that it was a rather insightful sci-fi adventure (at times almost seeming like an “X-Men” prequel). The engaging plot was thick with agonizing twists which betrayed the reader’s hope of relief of conflict. And yet, I was at peace with and even liked the ending with few details left unresolved. (There was just a slight lingering mystery that hints at a possible sequel, yet enough closure to remain alone if a sequel never comes.)

The most dominant theme of the book is that being yourself is more important than being “normal” or like everyone else. This theme is the main reason I would recommend this as an uplifting read.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book that I found particularly insightful:

"All of a sudden Piper knew that there was a big difference between planning something and actually doing it."

"At that moment, he was meaner and madder than he’d ever been, but mainly at himself, which is the worst kind of mean and mad to be, because the only thing to do about it is to take it out on someone else."

"Making the decision was a whole lot harder than actually doing it."

"Piper prayed every word, but in the end there's no saving someone who won't be saved."


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Meagan Me too! I just picked this one up from the library. We missed you at book club tonight.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy I just started The Girl Who Could Fly. I'm only on page 25, but already quite amused! The conversational tone and the casual wit are at times certainly laughable! Can't wait to read more! (I hated missing book club. My girls had a violin concert.)

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