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Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes
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Apr 23, 09

it was amazing

Is this book the finest example of historical fiction to have ever been written for young readers? If not, I would certainly put it right up there near the top of the list.
"Johnny Tremain" is, in every purest, best sense of the word, a classic book that holds appeal to everyone who has an appreciation for truly Great (with a capital "G") literature. The sheer force of magnitude that drives the historical narrative outdistances all rivals, making the reader feel as if he is becoming a crucial and unalterable part of the American Revolution itself. I know of nothing else that so magnificently reflects the attitudes and times of pre-war Colonial America, and viewing these romantic scenes through the eyes of the spirited and brave (but also flawed, and capable of being identified with by normal people because of his vulnerability) Johnny Tremain made him the best choice possible for a lead character, I think.
The emotions and philosophies and uncertainties and patriotic duties of the time (and, in a sense, of all times) swirl together in the pages of this unforgettable story, forming into a plot that is nearly impossible to predict, and highly significant in what it eventually becomes. "Johnny Tremain" is one of the few greatest books that I have ever read, and readers for decades past and decades into the future (and probably much, much longer) will continue to be profoundly affected by the story of an apprentice iron worker in Boston, and the ways in which his life and the lives of those around him affect the American Revolution.

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