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Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
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Apr 23, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: teen

This is and example of a book I thought I was going to hate and ended up getting so entranced by it I really need there to be a sequel. I NEED a sequel. Enough said.

It is the story of the living impaired, the differently biotic, the zombie teens. For some reason, American teens are coming back from the dead. Only American and only teens. And they aren’t evil, brain eating monsters, they are pretty much the same, only not breathing. In fact, many of them even go to school and ride the bus. The kids at school have mixed feelings. Many people don’t want them there. This is true for Tommy Williams who goes to the school in Connecticut and wants to be a member of the football team. Adam, on the team, doesn’t mind that he is there, but the other team members (aside from Thorny) really want him cast off the team and will injure him if necessary. Especially Pete, who really does not like the living dead. (due mainly to the fact that he had a girl he loved named Julie who died, but did not come back.) Pete really wants to get rid of the undead.
You also get to meet Phoebe and Margi, two goth friends who go to the school. Phoebe forms a relationship with Tommy, even going out on “dates” with him. You are not really sure where the relationship is heading. Tommy takes her to the “Haunted House” for a party where the undead hang out, and she meets Karen who is a high functioning living impaired, Evan, who is as well, and some of the others including Sylvia and Collette. Collette it seems was a friend who drowned and Phoebe and Margi were not kind when she died and came back, they were afraid to let her into the house. Eventually Collette’s family moved, leaving her here in Connecticut, alone.
There is an after school program that brings the differently biotic and and living kids together and also do lab experiments to try and make some of the kids become more higher functioning, though this avenue is never explored and you aren’t sure how it went.
Eventually, Pete goes crazy and kills Evan again and is about to cause more trouble. Phoebe decides to go to the homecoming dance with Tommy and they manage the dance without incident but then go to a party at the haunted house. There things end badly. I became really sad.

This was a really good read and the characters are great and the plot is really good and it keeps you really interested and reading. And although there are dead kids, it is not a typical Zombie novel. Because the zombies really aren’t evil or scary. So it really isn’t a horror novel, per se. But it is a good read and I think teens will really like it. Just get them to read it, already. And write a sequel.

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