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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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May 15, 2014

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2009

I want to scream to the top of my lungs and say that: THIS BOOK IS BEYOND AWESOME!!!!! Okay so maybe not that much excitement is needed, but boy this book deserves a review I probably won't be able to give. There are plenty of good reviews of this book already, but I can't resist the urge to put my own two cents in too.

You can already get the premise of the story from the other reviews so I won't bother with that. Can I just say that the author did an exquisite job of finding the right voice for Katniss? I already like her and I struggle with her while she is playing the Hunger Games. Katniss does a lot of things that will cause some people's eyebrows to shoot up, but you have to remember she has to survive. Even though she does some things that seem not totally right you know her heart is more or less in the right place. She is 16 (an aged used a lot in young adult novels I'm noticing)and still figuring out her stand on the important things.
The whole thing is kind of disturbing, but you can see the appeal it would have on audiences. I mean I got sucked into it so it isn't really that far fetched that people could actually become well... so morbid.

It's really hard for me to really get into what I want to discuss without giving away spoilers. I can say this though, the book had almost everything in it. Thrills, chills, suspense, humor (only a little but it's there), romance (kind of questionable I guess), struggle with identity, life and death situation (obviously), compassion and so much more that I'm sure I am missing.

The world Collins created is extremely believable, and the dilemmas that are presented are engaging and sometimes just painful to watch, but she pulls this off with ease. People just have to read the book themselves to comprehend what I'm trying to say. Needless to say I am agonizing over the wait for the next installment Catching Fire.

Later added: For those of you who didn't know there is a movie coming out! Oh gosh the excitement is too much, here is the link to the trailer. And they have come out with this song for the movie.
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Suzanne Collins
“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”
Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

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Hassanv Hy cara.THE thing i most like about it is that it doesnt involve supernatural things.though i love super natural like twilight and percy jackson bt it is good to read books like this.espeacially female hero.

Cara I know I LOVED Katniss. Have you managed to read the whole series yet?

Hassanv yes ihave

message 4: by Miranda (new)

Miranda I have this book on my shelf right now, and I just havent got a chance to read it yet. Looks like I should read it prettyy soon!

Cara Hey there Miranda, I'm sorry I didn't see this comment till now. I would read it soon so you can be ready for the movie:D I am so behind, I haven't seen the movie yet!

Grayson I liked that the story wasn't sappy! I really liked the action in the story and thought it was easy to follow. I agree with you about the whole thing being disturbing, when you think about what is really happening, it's horrible. I mean kids killing kids for the entertainment of crazy looking adults! One thing I really like about Katniss was that she pushed the limits, she didn't just bow down to the Capitol.

Cara Hey sorry Grayson I didn't get a notification that you posted a comment. But better late than never I guess. I know it is kind of sick actually, but I do love Katniss. She is the reluctant heroine but she feels very real in that sense. Who wants to sacriface so much for others? Not many people. Anyhow thanks for the comment:D Oh btw if you haven't read the sequels!

maddie I saw the movie and LUVED it!!! But the book was more detailed and less gruesome. The movie could definitely give someone nightmares, but hey, it was good.

Cara I know I loved the film too but the book almost always has an edge over the movie you know?

message 10: by Jace (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jace Dumas I agree, many different subjects were blended into the book. It was awesome the best book i have ever reaf.

message 11: by Cara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cara You are right it's one of the best:)

Sarah Sproston Just read hunger games and now just about to start catching fire, i cant wait!? Beyond fantantic,

message 13: by Cara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cara haha I felt the same way when I finished THG:)

message 14: by Alex (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alex S. How do you feel the book would have been different if Katniss was more held back and not as outspoken? Would the book have been better or worse?

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