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The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
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Jul 20, 2008

really liked it
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Recommended to Chelsea by: Haley
Read in July, 2008

Just as funny as advertised, but I made the mistake of reading the collection of all five novels, and - what's more - trying to read them all in one go. Once I got about halfway through Life, the Universe, and Everything, it had stopped being funny and had gotten a little confusing. Adams is excellent at humor, not so much at plot.

So, for clarification: 5 stars for the original Hitchhiker's, 4 for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and 3 stars for the others.
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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan Can you believe, I haven't read these yet. The first one is on my to-read list, but nowhere near the top. I've had friends tell me to read it for ages & ages.

Crystal you're definitely right that these are not meant to be read one after the other. they are great fun--the first one is obviously the best, although the movie made from it stunk. but the rest need to be spaced out to be truly appreciated--not only too avoid Douglas overdose/poisoning, but also to avoid unfavorable comparisons with the first book still fresh in your mind. :)

Chelsea Lisa - the first one really was good, and had the least amount of plot necessary to keep it all from unraveling, which was ideal. And it's just as funny as you've heard.

Crystal - I'm sure I'll get around to trying them again at some point, but I am all Adams-out at the moment. I wonder if part of my issue was also that my good intentioned friends - in their attempt to make me read the books - had shared most of the really funny bits!

Crystal Oh, I didn't mean to reread them immediately. that'd be enough to make anyone insane. but if you're bored someday, it might give you a different perspective on the later books. although if your friends have given much away already, it does take something away from them...

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan Chelsea, I know what you mean about friends giving away too much. I've been able to correctly answer some of Goodreads's quiz questions on at least the first book, and I haven't read it.

Isaac Meurer I read through these, in tree mere edition, which I think was edited to make more sense. The books kept my mind jumping:-)

David I did the same thing as you. The quality of these books really drop off after "Life...".

Дмитрий Лобанов Really, you don't recommend to read whole 5 books in one leap?

message 9: by Tim (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tim @Chelsea: I started reading the omnibus last week. The first two books went down very easily, and they are great. But like you, I'm struggling through Life, the Universe and Everything. Therefore, after this one's out, I'll put the omnibus aside and get back to it later. So as not to spoil the fun of reading. ;-)

message 10: by Bre (new) - added it

Bre I'm finding myself at an impasse with "Life.." right now as well, I went at it the same way and just lost the desire to keep going. Putting it on hold for a bit seems like the best plan.

Ema Nekaf I feel like Adam's point was to have no plot. and that made it even better.

Sarah Feliciano I agree. I wish I would have spaced out these books. I too have the omnibus and I made it through the first three but I struggle through the fourth. I'm about a 1/3 of the way through the last and about to walk away. Although I'll probably struggle through it just to be done.

Danielle Hyland I can understand how you would not like to read the whole series in one go as its quite a task. but I personally found that the freshness of the first book spurred me on to the end - and I'm glad I did as I would have missed connections from the first books to the last books that I found amusing.

Kelly I completely agree! it just sort of unravels after the first two.

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