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Tweak by Nic Sheff
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Apr 25, 2009

it was ok
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The Twit-like update box is not enough to contain my ennui and annoyance at this point(p 259). OH MY GOD. You can just tell when Zelda enters his life again everything is about to totally fall apart, and lo, it does. Story of an addict's life. But, just as the writing about drugs is sort of totally emotionless, this has a real I-was-at-a-movie-and-it-went-like-this quality now -- it's told _about,_ but the people are really hard to get a handle on, or even to see, and therefore to care about. The detail of the starfucker who immediately plugged the names of speakers at Hollywood meetings into to see whether or not they were big shots was amusing, tho....but it's more like a Hollwood-novel detail. "When the shots are strong enough you get this feeling like your head is just pounding with energy. Your ears ring and you almost pass out and it is just amazing." Dude. What the hell kind of druggie description is that? I get that kind of feeling when I drink too many lattes in a row. If I'm going to get dragged along through someone's drunkalog I at least want some moments of good dirty nostalgia as the price of the trip.

ETA: Best bit of the book so far, sadly on page 288: "I don't sleep for four days and nights and the fucking bugs won't leave me alone....I go into the counselors' office and demand to be taken to a hospital. A silver-haired Austrian woman with shimmering blue eyes suggests, 'Why don't you just lie down and invite the bugs in? Experience the bugs crawling on you. Become one with the bugs.'

"I tell her what I think of that idea."

I really have to wonder how this guy writes -- some other reviews mentioned hearing him speak on NPR et al, and apparently he sounds just like his writing style. It really almost reads like a transcript of someone speaking, every 'uh' and 'like' intact.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I think this is the first book I've seen to have not only an afterword to the paperback edition, but also the first post of his blog, which I guess his publisher encouraged him to set up? because the story's so obviously not over. But he recently abandoned it, so.
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04/21/2009 page 7
2.17% "Okay, I fucking HATE this typeface."
04/21/2009 page 7
2.17% "I see why S*ux didn't want it alongside his dad's -- it's not anywhere near as good. It'll be interesting to compare-and-contrast, tho."
04/21/2009 page 7
04/23/2009 page 207
64.29% "Oh man, and now ZELDA shows up. Say goodbye to your sobriety, Nic. Also, I predict your book is about to get a lot less interesting."
04/23/2009 page 217
67.39% "If I didn't know Zelda was some actual Z-list celebrity (he hangs with a lot of them) I'd think she was a perfect metaphor for relapse."
04/24/2009 page 256
79.5% "Oh my God this book is SO MUCH HARDER to read. Crazy girlfriend! Hollywood meetings! I am so v bored!..also it reads like he dictated it."
04/25/2009 page 352
100% "And he tried to have a happy ending,'d be interesting to read more about the relapse(s) (his dad writes about that, a little bit)."
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Kelly H. (Maybedog) Great review. I, too, felt like it was too emotionless and I wanted some real descriptions other than "it was this amazing high." I cannot imagine how he was published in Newsweek as he was sure to point out to us.

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