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Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
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RE: Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
Added 4/21/09.

I almost stopped reading this book because it saddened me. However, I decided to continue reading because it's a selection of our library's book discussion group. The theme is a serious and worthy one. As for the story, the suspense toward the end became compelling.

The book deals with poor farmers in Mississippi, their problems and the relationships between blacks and whites during the 1940s. In alternating chapters, each character tells his/her side of the story.

The writing style is straight-forward without flourishes, but there are some excellent similes. An example:
p.183 - "Swiss Alps: ...and the snow so thick and soft that when you fell it was like sinking into a featherbed."

Like so many books, in order for one to truly realize what it's about, the story has to be read. Summaries and descriptions cannot do it justice and may give a misleading impression.

Because of the lasting impact of the story and the writing, I'm giving this book 4 stars. If I were rating only how I enjoyed it, I would give it just 3 stars. Sometimes enjoyment is only a part of the criteria.

ADDENDUM 4/2/13:
"It's tempting to believe that what happened on the farm was inevitable; that in fact all events of our lives are as pre-determined as the moves in a game of tic-tac-toe:

Start in the middle square and no one wins.
Start in one of the corners and the game is yours.
And if you don't start, if you let the other person start? You lose, simple as that.

The truth isn't so simple. Death may be inevitable, but love is not. Love, you have to choose."

-p.14, _Mudbound_, by Hillary Jordan (2008)
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