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Heartthrob by Suzanne Brockmann
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Apr 19, 2009

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I'd read reviews calling this Brockmann's best non-Troubleshooters book, but I think I liked Bodyguard more, frankly. Maybe it was the lack of military personnel. This is straight romance, not a suspense novel, which would have been fine, but I frankly didn't find the heroine that likable. Kate's too controlling and untrusting, to the point where, when she and Jericho had their big moment at the end of the novel, I almost didn't buy it, because his breakdown was so conveniently timed that I figured she'd think he was acting and the angst would just keep going.

What I think is kind of fun about reading these older Brockmann novels is that you can kind of see hints of themes she'll revisit in the Troubleshooters series. Jericho Beaumont is an alcoholic actor. He had an alcoholic parent who beat him. I thought, well, hey, he's like a straight Robin Chadwick. It turns out the similarities kind of end there. Jericho started drinking and abusing painkillers because he was ashamed of something he'd done (whereas, in the Troubleshooters series, Robin tells his adoring public that he started drinking because he was in denial about being gay... you can see where these stories might have gone in vastly different directions).

This novel also really piles on the angst. Just when you think these characters can get their acts together, something else happens. It got to be a little much towards the end of the novel.

And the Susie/Jamaal stuff was sweet, but I found myself wanting to skip over it in favor of getting back to Kate/Jericho, which is interesting considering I didn't like Kate that much.

I still devoured the book. Brockmann is still one of the better romance writers out there. But I think I like her books more when there are Navy SEALs and FBI agents and gunfights and "international incidents."
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message 1: by Alexis (new)

Alexis I still kind of want to read the latest Troubleshooters novel you gave 5 stars to.

Erin It's really good, but you have to read the earlier novels for context, I think. I can lend you some (I don't own the whole series, and I only have the latest one on the Kindle).

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