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G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton
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Apr 18, 09

it was ok

Prior to picking up this book, I had just finished a sweeping historical saga/soap opera kind of book (The Winter Rose) and was definitely looking for a break. I scanned my bookcase and thought that it might be the right time for a visit with Kinsey Malone. I always read this series in order and "G" was next on the list. So with an open mind, I wanted to see what Kinsey has been up to.

These books usually start off good and I particularly loved reading about her refurbished/remodeled garage apartment. That's one thing about Grafton...she loves to describe things. You never walk into a room in one of her books without knowing everything that's in it. Sometimes I think this is a cop-out where the descriptions fill up the page because there isn't much of a story there.

Within the first few chapters, we're apprised of Kinsey's latest job. She's to find someone's elderly mother and oh, by the way, there's a hitman after her. The good thing about the hitman is that it introduces us to Dietz, someone Kinsey hire's as a bodyguard. Finally there's someone in her life who's telling her what to do. As faithful fans, the reader knows this is something she has a very hard time dealing with because no one likes their independence more than Kinsey. Since the relationship turns into something more than a working one, I'm sure we'll see more of him in future "letters".

Speaking of letters, it's a good thing there's so many letters in the alphabet because at least we know Kinsey is going to make it through to the end of the book. But with all the ridiculous things she does, it's amazing she's still alive. In this book, she knows there's a hitman after her and she even hires a bodyguard to protect herself yet, time and again, she's sneaking off on her own which defeats the whole purpose of a bodyguard.

This entire story was so convoluted and when it was finally solved at the end, I didn't even understand it. I was then going to reread the end a few times but decided the book wasn't even worth it. This was definitely not one of Grafton's best. The story is weak and the ending is definitely not satisfying. So with "H" up next, I'm hoping it doesn't stand for "horrendous."

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Lucie Pelletier kempton I had to push myself to get through this one. While I enjoyed the aspect of Kinsey having a man "protecting" her, I did not enjoy the

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