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Foundation by Mercedes Lackey
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Apr 18, 2009

it was ok
Read in May, 2009 , read count: 1

I typically enjoy Lackey's work, but the stress of putting out at least one new book a year seems to be getting to her. She's starting to use some rather broad strokes and take some short cuts that are really cutting into my enjoyment of her books. She's never been the most perfectly technical writer, and sometimes her plots have leaned into the direction of the overblown, but I've always enjoyed her characters, and they're ultimately what has kept me coming back. Now, however, she's going a little overbroad. Her characters are all in extremes--richest rich or poorest poor, from the absolute best circumstances or the total worst, completely good or totally evil. It's not that her good characters aren't flawed, but there aren't a lot of shades of gray, and a little ambiguity can go a long way to making a character interesting. A little more subtlety would be handy in making the characters more believable.

That said, I didn't hate this, but it feels kind of like a retread of several other books, especially Arrows of the Queen and Brightly Burning. The founding of the Collegium is an interesting idea, but not jump-up-and-down exciting; not even sure why she felt the need to go back and flesh this out, unless something big is coming. This is definitely going to shape up into another trilogy, at least, because she didn't do much more than set the stage in this volume, posing a lot of questions and answering absolutely none of them. Honestly, I will probably read the continuing story, just like I will continue to read just about anything else she comes out with, because at least right now I still enjoy her overall works. But if things continue to trend downward, I might give up on an author I've enjoyed so much that I have a bookshelf and a half of her works. And that would be sad.

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