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Trickster by Jeff Somers
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Feb 09, 2013

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What do you say about a novel that was gritty, well told, hooked you into the story with characters you were not really sure you even liked? This is Trickster by Jeff Somers.

The book starts slow and gritty, the characters border on disgusting and pathetic. Then miraculously the story gets better, the characters get a bit of personality and you are reading for the big ending. You got it all the big "evil thing" , the girl, the heroic sacrifice, impossible odds, tragedy ..... I mean , what could go wrong here?

Here is what, the author tells a compelling story and raises the characters out of the dirt and makes them into something much more than themselves...... then he leaves you with no real ending, no real accomplishment, no satisfaction, this is not even a decent cliffhanger.

Call me selfish but if I take the time to read your book I expect just a bit of respect for me as a reader for you not to waste my time and that is EXACTLY how I felt when I finished this book. The author is a veteran author, his writing credentials are not in doubt but this must have been some great transcendental awakening for him to have written such a good story with such an ending (or non-ending), I have had good ending and bad ones but this was more like nothing the characters had done throughout this story made any real difference. Perhaps he was setting up a series but what he did was piss me off and I have serious doubts I will revisit this world/series/author anytime in the near future since there are a LOT of great books to read that don't play mind games.

3 Stars more for the fact this could have been a 5 Star effort than for any lasting entertainment it gave me in reality.
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