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Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary by Brandon Mull
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Apr 15, 2009

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if i weren't such a sucker for juvenile fantasy this book would get maybe 1 star. it's so much fun though. the writing is more similar to a college research paper (awkward, technical, and far from poetic). The story is really interesting if you like magic and fantasy. Don't expect ANY insights into human nature. Don't expect any of the characters to be remotely human or familiar. Don't expect any substance whatsoever and you might have a great time. Fablehaven is like playing video games...its fun and captures your imagination but is utterly unfulfilling and something that you would probably rather not admit to your new friends.

Now if I haven't scared you off from it yet, then, read it and enjoy some comical dialogue (exactly "some") and an original fantasy. Sure the griffins, and fairies, and demons, are all borrowed material, however, his mythical concoction is unique. I especially enjoyed all the scenes with the satyrs. If Mull could write all the story as well as he brings the satyrs to life, then, he could quickly dominate the juvenile fantasy market. Satyrs and settings are great...writing style and insight not so much.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 12, 2010 11:56PM) (new)

...I feel the need to kindly disagree.

No insights? What about Seth's struggle as a shadow charmer? He worries that this makes him evil, but others tell him it's the choices that determine good or evil. Seth tries to differentiate between bravery and stupidity as well. We get to know the Sphinx a little better and, in the process, see that humans can convince themselves that they're doing the right thing, no matter how wrong it really is.

No familiar or human characters? I know plenty of Kendras, and even more Seths. Kendra is easy to relate to for a lot of girls because she's not extremely popular, yet not socially inept. Seth is a slightly annoying little brother (haven't we all met one of those?), but he helps to move things along. Their characters also grow in this book. Kendra develops a bit of a feisty side with all she goes through, and Seth gains a little common sense.

You're entitled to your opinion and I mean no offense. I was just surprised at some of your remarks.

Seth ok, you are right there...maybe i was too harsh. the sibling rivalry is definitely typical. i guess i think that it was a bit too cliche for that to be insightful. good point about the insight into convincing ourselves of doing the right thing. i was certainly unfair in not pointing that out.

thanks for commenting

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you. I apologize; I get really defensive about books I really like. But I can see how that would come off as a cliché, so that's understandable.

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