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2050 by Mychael Black
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Apr 14, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: cops-and-pi-s, mm, touch-of-romance, paranormal-fantasy
Read in April, 2009

I don't get the ending - if there was one. The story starts off fine and I thought I'd landed myself an erotic suspense with my fav character types - cops. Since I do not like paranormals as a rule, I was not pleased when the paranormal stuff started and cluttered up what was pretty good serial killer story up to then.

I didn't mind Richie's psychic gift; it was the addition of those spirit entities that appeared halfway through (or earlier, whatever...) and never dealt with. There was no explanation of how they got there and who sent them. They just stopped appearing as abruptly as they appeared.

The treatment of the serial killer's character is another question mark. It read like any other murder story with the serial killer as the villain but he is suddenly identified and arrested about three quarters of the way and never heard of again! I thought, at the time, that the'd arrested the wrong guy, that it was red herring and the real killer would emerge but no, that was it.

The story ends with Julian witnessing a woman being dragged into an alley, he gives chase but is affected by more paranormal nonsense then he goes home and has sex with Richie. The woman who was being attacked had mysteriously vanished. The book ends like that.

BUT...but it has this "TO BE CONTINUED" at the end so I'm guessing the story hasn't ended and what I bought was only Part 1. There's nothing in the book info that warned me of that, though, but because I dislike all that paranormal, New Age stuff, I won't be buying Part 2 if it exists.

For those that enjoy paranormal activity in their stories, check if there's a Part 2 and buy both to read back-to-back. Julian and Richie are a sweet, happy couple and their romance was without any angst and emotional potholes. They were happy from day one of hooking up.
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message 1: by Daisiemae (new)

Daisiemae Great Review, Elaine.
I already bought this one, so it will be interesting to see if I like it or not. LOL;)

ElaineY Do explain the bits I didn't get, please. And whether there will be a Part 2.

Jayded I JUST "finished" this book. No, it's not finished. I'm pissed. I like the paranormal, if they'd deal with it properly, but they're not. And I'm sorry, but the sex is so repetitive I started skipping over it after about the third time they got it on. There was nothing I could find that warned this was not a complete book. (which imho it is not)

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