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Animal Farm / 1984 by George Orwell
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Apr 13, 09

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This novel is about a farm set in the Stalin era in the years before World War II. It was published in 1945 and later became nominated one of the best novels of the 20th century.
George Orwell has written this book wonderfully. He uses the animals in the story to play the roles of Russian leaders and other people in the era of Stalin. Some of the main characters are: Napoleon, Snowball, Mr. Jones, Boxer, Clover, Mollie, Moses, and too many other important characters to name! The main theme of this story is that the animals get tired of being mistreated or misused on the Manor Farm, and they decide to overthrow the owner and rename it Animal Farm. Through the story there are some deaths and tragedies that happen. The theme states that “All animals are equal; some animals are more equal than others.” It is understood that the human race is wicked, greedy, and uncaring. The way Orwell portrays the animals as their Russian leaders are amazing. This book has inspired me to start to read more books about Joseph Stalin and the Russian Empire. The pigs in this story think that they are smarter than the humans and the other animals so they run the farm. The horses are the strong and loyal ones and follow the orders of the pigs but still have the loyalty to the lesser animals. Moses the Raven puts the vision of Sugarcandy Mountain in the minds of the animals. He represents the characters of the bible. I really liked this book and would suggest it to any age reader although it is kind of graphic.

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