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Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs
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Apr 13, 2009

did not like it
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Hmmm something happened after I read the Chapter "The Rat Thing". I struggled. A lot. I found myself unable to connect with him anymore. I couldn't laugh anymore because I thought he was just plain cruel most of the time whether it be to animals, children or adults. Now I havent read Running with Scissors or Dry yet but I do understand that he had a very screwed up childhood...but that fact still doesnt make me like the fact that he is so incredibly self-absorbed and mean (even if he does have his guilty moments - and I do have a sense of humour - honest!)...the backcover blurb says "Augusten Burroughs gives voice to the thoughts we all have but dare not mention" - ummm nope not me. I have a lot of trouble laughing at other peoples pain, Augusten seems to revel in it and make it a source of his happiness. Bleh.
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Danielle At the end of audiobook he gives an interview where he talks about how hard it was for him to publish The Rat Thing. He wrote it the day it happened, when he was still drinking and living a terrible life.

Hilary D Oh my god. I couldn't even finish that chapter! I skipped to the next one at the halfway point. What is disturbing to me is in the last week and a half I have reread all of his books, and I am finding so many discrepancies between the books. one example, in Better Not Cry he says he ate a lifesize wax Santa and had to get his stomach pumped, but then in Dry he says " I had gotten my stomach pumped before after eating a wax Santa off the Christmas tree." Also, in Magical Thinking he goes into graphic detail on his "relations" with the "undertaker" but when you read Dry, come to find out, that suddenly the undertaken is a heterosexual with a "stacked girlfriend" -- and then he says the undertaker told the girlfriend he wouldn't kick him outta bed ha ha ha" and then follows it with "One time the undertaker and I were so drunk that he didn't kick me out of bed, when we woke up naked we were moritified, and I almost wanted to remind him of that." So which story was real? Is the "I DATED AN UNDERTAKER" chapter in Magical Thinking chapter true, or is this other true? Frustrating!! (I understand the Santa thing could've easily been exxagerated but that graphic detail about his sexual relationship with the guy, and then separately, .... It just made me feel betrayed lol, and annoyed.

Becky Yup. After The Rat Thing I was over it. Haven't read anything of his since.

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