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Out of Egypt by Anne Rice
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"I looked up at the stars. I'd never seen the stars like this in Alexandria, so clear, so many like dust, like sand, like all the words I'd learned and sung."

Rice's way of writing is pleasantly different & surprising plus altogether lighter in feel compared of course to her 'darker' novels of the past.

Who would've thought that Rice has wanted to write a book about Jesus Christ's life for years now, even before she has dipped her pen to write about vampires & witches?

Buy it, read it; you won't be disappointed.

In essence, it's about the journey of Jesus Christ with his family (shows a peek of his relationship with Joseph as his mortal father and the realization of who he truly is--of God as his true Father) plus his extended family (a never ending list of aunts, uncles & cousins) as they travel from Alexandria, Egypt back to the Holy Land of Jerusalem when he was only 7 years old.

Certainly not to be missed was Jesus Christ's first Sabbath celebration after coming back to the Holy Land: of the preparation to be made; duties divided into what the men were supposed to do, of what the women were to lay out as a feast. i would've liked to experience the singing of the psalms, oh, how that must've been like! to hear Mary's singing voice of prayers. i must note how wonderful it was to learn that she was one of the 84 girls to have been chosen to weave the Temple veils: the veil that covered the entrance to the Holy of Holies: the place where the Lord Himself was present.

A favorite would have to be Uncle Cleopas who's always laughing, armed with ready wit, "What did the ants do? They ran around all over the place, but they didn't leave the hill, and they rebuilt it. That's the way with war, little or great. People just go on. They get right up and they go on because they have to have water and bread and a roof, and they start again no matter what happens."

"So this is what they have kept from me. Yes, and I knew why they kept it from me. But now I knew it, and it meant I had to know all the rest. I had to know what the angel had said who had come to my mother. I had to know all of it. I had to know why and how I had the power to give and take life, and the power to stop rain and bring snow, and even it, if, and what was I to do. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to know."

"Stories were our history, and who we were, and there were times when I liked nothing better than stories. Yet I was coming to understand something of the greatest importance: all stories were part of one great story, the story of who we were."

Book Details:

Title Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt
Author Anne Rice
Reviewed By Purplycookie

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