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The Firm by John Grisham
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Apr 12, 09

bookshelves: fiction, adventure-mystery


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message 1: by Daisy J (new)

Daisy J Hi!!! I love your picture! What;s this book about?

Kelly Thanks! I read this book so long ago Daze... I remember loving it. It's not like the books i read now though. It's a mystery having to do with this lawyer and the firm he works for. Probibly if i read it today i would't like it as much but i read it back in the 8th grade or maybe highschool. Hahahaha. Happy belated bday!!!!

message 3: by Daisy J (new)

Daisy J Thanx!!! What is your favorite christopher pike book?

Kelly Definately the Final Friends series. Oh my god Daze you have to read that series if you can find it. It is so good!!! i am missing one of the books that's why i didn't give them to you with the others. Which one do you like the best so far of his?

message 5: by Daisy J (new)

Daisy J oooooo!!! i would say fall into darkness! or the chain letter series! the ones i've read so far are great! i love all of them!b if i had to pick my favorite, you would get all the ones i read, but...*sigh* i won't do that 2 u! hehehehe! how's autumn?

Kelly I remember loving chain letter and also remember me and then there was the one about the girl who is in the town where there is no one and death seems to be stalking her. I can't remember the name of that one but it was excellent. Or the midnight club too. They were all good. I'm so excited you like them Daze!!! I knew you would :)

Autumn is doing really well. She is finally reading secret circle and is loving it (which we both knew she would). We are looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys this summer.

Are you excited that school is almost out? Do you guys have any big plans for the summer besides heading out to FL?

message 7: by Daisy J (new)

Daisy J The one where no one is in her town when she decides not to get an abortion and it's only her and 4 other people? hehehe. i think that one is called whispers of death. i did like remember me, but i didn't like the second one.

i am so glad that Autumn likes the secret circle! i hoped she would get to reading them!

i can't wait for the last week of school because we have no classes. 2 days are gonna be like fun and games! 1 day we get to go swimming. and then we have a half-day for final review games!


i don't think we'll have any BIG plans... i'm gonna be the first person do ride in Hannah's new car without someone telling her, "Slow down!" or "Blinker!"

hehehe! when does autumn get out of school? what are YOU guys gonna do?

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