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Songs Without Words by Ann Packer
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Apr 22, 09

When I started this book, I thought "oh my God, I've found my new favorite author!" Her writing is just amazing. But then the story really stalled about a third to a halfway through. I still enjoyed the writing, but I needed more plot. And I don't need a lot of plot! : )
In the beginning, it was a bit reminiscent of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections, with her brutally honest and detailed description of family life, but then as it continued, the lack of story made the descriptive writing a bit boring.
I still have to give it 4 stars though because she is a wonderful writer; she could get inside a 15 year old girl's head, and instantly bring me back to those tortuously emotional times, and then switch to a middle aged mother and give me insight on that. Each character had depth and shades of gray, but they didn't do enough during the book, especially the character of Sarabeth, who had so much potential!
Also, it was fun that it was set in Palo Alto, Berkeley, and the Peninsula. Lots of local descriptions...

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