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Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison
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Jun 17, 2010

Read in June, 2010


This book is proof that you can write a steamy novel full of romantic tension without having your characters ever actually have sex. In fact, the forbidden love aspect notched the romantic tension way up.

The main premise is this: Michael is a wounded hot guy. He was out with his parents and other members of his diving club when a hurricane hit their boat. He is pretty much the sole survivor. He needs somebody to help him through his nightmares and give him a reason to live again. He needs to love and be loved, and he thinks the only way you truly share love with a girl is to have sex with her.

Leesie is a Mormon girl who falls in love with Michael and desperately wants to help him overcome his grief, but she firmly believes that sex before marriage is a sin.

Put those two together and you have an internal conflict that can't be resolved and lots of romantic tension.

When I was still reading this book at midnight my husband asked me about the plot.

"It's about a guy who wants to have sex with this girl, but she believes it's wrong."

"That's it?" my husband asked. "That's the whole plot?"

And yes, it pretty much is. You wouldn't think that this one issue would give you enough material for nearly three hundred pages, but Angela Morrison makes it work. The writing is good and her characters seem like real people. I also appreciated the bits of humor she threw in.

She managed to make me like Michael and I don't usually like the wounded-guy-who-needs-to-be-saved-by-the-heroine type. I especially shouldn't like Michael since his main goal for most of the book is to have his girlfriend abandon her religion and sleep with him. But he has enough redeeming qualities that I did like him in the end.

Most authors who give their main characters such a high level of internal conflict aren't able to pull off satisfying endings, but Morrison also made that aspect work.

That said, because the main issue in the book was sex, this book isn't appropriate for all teens. Also, after just reading up about STDs, I couldn't help but notice that aspect (like sex in most teen books) was noticeable absent. In real life, if Michael had slept around with girls who were also sleeping around like they did in this book, he would most likely have at least one, if not more, of the STDs that aren't prevented by using a condom. (Newsflash, teens: condoms don't make sex safe, they just cut down the number of STDs that are passed.)

So yeah, part of me was going, "Are you crazy, Leesie? Don't sleep with this guy. He's probably got herpes!"

But beside that, I like the book.
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