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The Maze Runner by James Dashner
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's review
Mar 10, 14

bookshelves: boys, death, series

TCL call number: YA DASHNER J

Stephanie’s rating: 5 stars
Thomas has just awoken to a sinuous churning of metal. It's screeching sounds have made him realize that he's locked inside a steel box. He has no recollection of what his life was before and no idea of what is to come. At last the box has stopped moving, and in seconds the roof is opening. What he sees is even more confusing. A group of boys is staring down at him, just as perplexed. After some serious tattling, Thomas finds himself in the Glade, a small community made up of young boys whose purpose is unknown, but who have something in common: no memory of their past lives or any clues as to where they are and what they are supposed to be doing. Whence he settles in, he discovers that a maze is lurking the outskirts of the community. He gathers that there is no way in and no way out of this place. Alby, the community leader informs that a Runner's sole purpose is to find an exit out of the Glade, which no one has come across in over 2 years. Things begin to stir after Thomas arrival; a girl has been brought in, the community's bi-weekly supply has stopped being delivered, and the maze doors aren't closing at their usual hour, allowing the dreadful Grievers to enter, bringing with them death. AHHHHHHH! Okay first and foremost I have to say that I have never ever encountered a book where I had NO idea what was happening! Oh the suspense! I love it! This is a very different read from all those other dystopia teen books. On to book numero dos, "The Scorch Trials".

Madeleine - 3 stars
Whoa. Totally dark book. Absolutely nothing cheery happens. However, it's fascinating and I blew through it in a night. It's not formulaic which is exciting in Teen Fiction these days when I find myself feeling prophetic with every book - knowing what's coming next. Because of that novelty I gave the book 3 stars. Because of its annoyingly stereotypical emotional teens that seem to only know to storm off or fight I gave it 3 stars. The writing could have been stronger as well but it was refreshing to have something new.

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