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Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton
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** spoiler alert ** Anita fills in as a reanimator for a friend, and has to fly to Philadelphia. Because she’s still getting her ardeur under control, she brings Micah along with her. He tries to set up a little romantic getaway for them because they’ve never really had any long length of time together, and Anita wigs out because she can’t figure out what it means, how she’s supposed to feel, and because she’s stupid like that and can’t appreciate a good thing. Yeah. So they get there and Anita clashes with the Feds, then she clashes with the judge and one of the lawyers who are involved in the case, then she nearly gets killed by the zombie who wants revenge on the man he feels ended his life. And all of this in just 245 pages? Yeah.

Well, the good news is that it’s a fast read. The bad news is that there’s very little plot, there’s the predictable sex – it’s kinky and wild and Hamilton must be running out of things to say or Anita’s become the type who just repeats “do me do me do me” over and over again (replace with appropriate expletive). And that was just…annoying after awhile.

It’s kind of tiring to watch her go through the same things over and over again – just attaining new scars, but not really becoming more comfortable with the men/vampires/werethings she’s involved with romantically. It’s not as though I’d want to see her settle down…I just like a little more, oh, I dunno, plot, action to go along with my steamy scenes. She doesn’t seem to be growing much emotionally. She’s still a tough cookie and I’d like to see her DO some things and not just have these one scene wonders where everything blows up in her face and she barely escapes with her life. And then that surrounded by 400 pages of her getting it on with her peeps and worrying incessantly about how that’s going. Bah.
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