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Everbound by Brodi Ashton
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Jan 31, 2013

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Hmmm. Before I begin my review, let it be known that despite my three stars, I do enjoy this series - just not particular points in this last installment. And I do look forward to seeing what happens in book three.

I thought book one and the novella opened up a lot of opportunities for plot and character development, I was also hoping to get more out of the relationship between Cole and Nikki - not necessarily love, but a morsel of anything interesting - which I didn't get until the end. I hate the way she treats him. I don't know why he loves her. For 99% of this book she could not care less about him, yet fully expects him to be there for her for everything.
There is not a lot of character growth in this book.
I understand she is in love with Jack - I get it...can she please have one thought or one full conversation without obsessing over him? I find myself reacting in the same manner as Max and Cole to her stories. I realize she feels guilty and Jack is in a dire situation, but she has very little clarity of thought, even for a teenager, which I find frustrating in certain scenes.

I think her lack of regard for life is bizarre. The fact that she tried to kill Cole in the first book seemed extreme, but then in this book when she says she would let Cole die if it meant saving Jack...that's a big deal. Her fear does not make her as strong as it does selfish and reckless. (view spoiler). And it annoys me that anytime she suspects that Cole is in trouble her first thought is not for him or his safety - which would seem a normal reaction even if you didn't know the person - but for the fact that he is supposed to lead her to Jack, and that is all that matters. Him getting hurt is discussed more as an inconvenience to her.
I LOVE the ending though! Love the twist!

Overall, I think my problem with Nikki is that I wish she had more substance.
On a positive note ;) I do enjoy the mythological premise - but with that said, as a Classics minor, I wish there was more of a reference to the myths' origins. The story of Persephone was used as a way to explain the changing of the seasons, as many myths throughout various cultures in history developed as a way of explaining nature, whether that be human emotion, war, droughts, plagues, seasons, storms, etc. I think it would have been intriguing to tie those connections into the storyline in some way - like technically the Feed should have taken place during fall and winter, etc.
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