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Pyromancer by Amanda Young
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Apr 10, 09

Read in December, 2007

This is a strange story, a mix of paranormal and reality, but the paranormal element is dealt with a so normal "way" that it seems a normal thing.

Christian is a pyromancer, a man who controls the fire, better who is controlled by fire: when his emotions are too high to be suppressed everything aroung him could burst in flame. The positive aspect is that he can control the flames, and so it is pretty convenient that he has chosen to be a firefighter. Plus he is a very rich and handsome man, having inherited a lot of money from his dead parents. But he is alone, he doesn't want to risk to harm a person he cares for if he will not be able to control his powers.

But in a long and lonely night he can't bear no more to stay alone and he resolves himself to call for an escort male. Tanner is the guy who answers his call. He is young and cute. Like all the old classical tale on "call girls", he is doing this work to repay the debt of his dead father and to pay his college tuition. But Christian is eager more for companionship than sex, and the night ends up with him giving Tanner a blowjob and nothing else.

After few days, Christian discovers that Tanner is the son of one of his fellow firefighters, dead on duty. He can't possibily leave the boy continues to sold himself to live but he has to convince Tanner to accept his help and maybe his love.

Like Tanner has the chance to discover, Christian is a very kind and gentle man, but also very insecure: he is too conscious of his powers / problems and he can't see what he can offer to a man. On the other hand he is overprotective and treats Tanner like a child. Tanner on the other hand is young and stubborn, and maybe he needs a fatherly figure, but Christian is not exactly the steady and strong character up to the role.

The story is interesting, not very original, but "classical" in a way that makes it like a warm blanket in winter; on the other hand the sex scenes are very well written even if not too intrusive, they are right and the right moment.


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