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Forever by Shayla Kersten
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Feb 27, 11

Read in December, 2007

Forever is the sequel of Thirty Days, a story I have loved very much and maybe one of the first D/S story I have read. Cavan is an abused child sold like sex slave to an evil Master who, after beating him nearly to death, has abandoned him. But Cavan, even if he is free now, is not able to live a normal life, and Biton, an older man who has lost his former lover, takes pity on him and offers him an home and a Thirty Days D/S contract. This is more or less the previous story and now months are passed from the finish of the Thirty Days period but Biton has not yet written another contract, even if has promised to Cavan that their relationship is Forever.

But Cavan is still very fragile and even a piece of paper could make him feel better. He is like a child who needs boundaries to know what is good and what is bad. But not physical boundaries, but more those which you give with love: when you love someone you know what is good or bad cause you know what will make happy or upset your beloved. And so Biton tries to give Cavan all the love he needs, and on the same time, give him enough freedom to take his own decision.

I like very much both Biton than Cavan. They are a whole together, and between them I only feel easyness and a total comprehension, even without words.

Forever, like Thirty Days, is a tale that deal with arguments like D/S role play, but it manages to make it an intimate matter between the two main characters, and not something to be shown outside their home. And this is the reason why I like it a lot.


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