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Fables of Representation by Paul Hoover
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Jun 15, 2010

I remember liking this book. I remember this book being good. I don't remember anything about this book. Not a thing. Does that speak to my inability as a reader or does it provide a deeper commentary on a lack in the book itself? Paul Hoover is really tall. He cuts an imposing figure, but also kind of like a kindly grandfather type. Paul Hoover is also really involved in the translation of Vietnamese poetry. He doesn't read and write Vietnamese from what I understand and works with a co-translator. I think this is okay. Anyone who's ever tried to learn Vietnamese would probably agree. Anh dang hoc tieng Viet. I'm sorry the previous sentence should have accent marks, but I am too lazy to pull up my Tieng Viet keyboard to put them all in. I don't remember what this book is about, but I remember that I liked it. I remember how to say mother fucker in Northern and Southern Tieng Viet. I can also ask for coffee and say no, thank you. I can't remember what this book is about. I think it had something to do with the Oulipo and nothing at all to do with my ability or inability to speak Vietnamese. Anh noi mot it tieng Viet. I don't remember. The Vietnamese word for remember is also the same word used for I miss you. So if you speak to the dead, you say I miss/remember you. I like that. I don't remember. Does that mean I don't miss this book? I don't think so.

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