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The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum
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Apr 08, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: supernatural, romance, series
Read in September, 2009

** spoiler alert ** First let me state all of the things I liked about “The Hourglass Door”.
1.It was CLEAN fiction. No foul language and no scenes that made me
say “why did they have to put that in ?!?”
2.Good phrases used for chapter endings – made me want to keep going.
3.Some great ‘word pictures’ – “It was like some complicated dance
that only couples who had broken up with each other could perform.”
4.The tie-in of both Abby and Dante using counting as a way to keep
control of a situation.
5.Abby titled the CD for Jason XVII 4 XVII. A clever connection to the
Roman numerals branded on the wrists.
6.The subtle clues [at least I felt like they were clues:] that made me
feel like I should try to remember them for the next volume.
7.I liked the characters. There could have been a bit more
development, Abby seemed a bit flat at times and not nearly
inquisitive enough for me, but I still liked them.
8.It kept my interest and made me want to finish it to see what would
9.I wish I didn’t have to wait a year for the next book!
10. The use of DaVinci and his futuristic thinking.
11. The explanation of time travel and how the body was affected by it.

Now for the things that bothered me:
1.Who is the woman in the prologue? Is she of any importance, or just
a ‘red herring’?
2.Who is Sofia? Abby asks Dante, explains about her dream, and it
drops the question there.
3.There are possible problems with using specific dates and numbers,
everything needs to match. One statement puts the story in 2009. But
numerous others place it into 2010. [I will spare you my OCD list!:]4.The conversation between Abby and Dante about his family would have
made more sense to have before he told her when he was born.
5.Why would Dante hand her scissors to cut off the shirt sleeve if he
was going to take the shirt off anyway?
6.How did Leo get the hinge? The five of them seemed to know what it
was and how it was to be used, but where did it come from and how to

Okay, I know that I sound a bit OCD, but when I read a book things need to make sense or be answered by the end of the book. Too many 'loose threads' puts my brain on pause.

This being said, I still liked the book and will wait 'impatiently' for the next year for "The Golden Spiral". I think that Lisa Mangum has a lot of potential with this story. I would recommend this to anyone who likes CLEAN books, YA fiction, romances, supernatural, etc...

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