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The Glass of Time by Michael Cox
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Apr 08, 09

Read in April, 2009

I read this because I really loved The Meaning of Night. Definitely read that one first. This book was enjoyable but nowhere near on the level as TMON. First of all, this one is told from a female point of view, which is almost automatically less interesting than a male point of view in this particular time period. A gentleman about town obviously has better adventures than a lady's maid, at least in this case.
It really started out good, and yes, the plot is predicatble, big deal, get over it. Just because you know what is going to happen doesn't mean that the author doesn't have an artful way of finally revealing it to you. I thought it was really rushed at the end, like Cox did not want to finish what he started. TMON was so flawlessly executed throughout, and this one seemed almost like someone else wrote the last 100 pages. Especially with Emily Carteret, I don't think he did her character justice. All of the information revealed in her final letter could have been worked into the storyline instead, and I'm disappointed that it was not.
It was still an enjoyable read and if you loved The Meaning of Night you will not feel like you wasted your time on this one, if for no other reason than some closure for Edward Duport.

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