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Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin
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Apr 07, 2009

it was amazing
Recommended for: EVERYONE
Read in April, 2009

Liberty & Tyranny is the current darling of the American conservative movement, and its record-breaking sales (Amazon) and place on the New York Times bestseller’s list is a point of pride for those who believe in the political ideology Levin espouses.
The books presents conservative beliefs, their origin, and contrast with the opposing point of view depicted as the “statist”, who can best be defined as the enemy of freedom and those who desire power over other people through manipulation of government and media.

NR Characters
Not rated

4.5 Pace
Very good with positive exceptions
Levin keeps the book moving quickly with relatively short chapters that address a limited range of issues (easier discerned by the chapter titles). Few points are repeated over and over again (except for the statist’s desires), as the issues covered involve different origins, current beliefs, and possible solutions.

5 Story
Instead of story, this nonfiction book has been rated by wisdom and importance.
Levin articulates conservative beliefs perfectly, and in a format he is well suited to. There are no rambling speeches, insults, or vapid flattery. The issues are presented, and although people can argue with the conservative perspective, I believe the book presents compelling arguments that cannot be dismissed without resorting to insults, ignoring the facts, or blind loyalty/obedience. Mark Levin champions a political ideology, not a particular person or organization (although certain people and organizations are mentioned in supporting passages as those who have believed and fought for the political ideology).

NR Dialogue
Not rated

4 Style/Technical
Very good
Levin’s writing style is clear, easy to understand, and supported by constant footnotes and references that can be investigated by anyone interested in discerning the truth of his sources. There is no needless eloquence; Levin was not interested in impressing people with his command of the English language.
The book is written for the “masses” however. Some topics that I thought would have been important to address are not mentioned, and despite its intention, there were a couple of sentences I had to read a few times (twice, I think) to comprehend. That may be more of my own fault than the book’s though.

4.5 Overall
Very good with positive exceptions
In many ways this book reminded me of the excellent The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen, a book about the beliefs of political ideology, although it also explores its origins and long-term ramifications whereas Liberty & Tyranny focuses on hard, current perspectives. Levin paints a clear picture of the modern “statist” as an opposing foe (and eternal enemy) of the conservative.
Liberty & Tyranny should be required reading for all conservatives, American patriots, and citizens of foreign countries who desire the prosperity and high standard of living enjoyed by Americans for the past century. It provides the warning signs evident in those who claim to be conservatives, but are actually working against the interests of the United States and its citizens.
Lastly, this book is a call to action for those of us who love our country and oppose balkanization, destructive multiculturalism, and the sacrifice of American interests to those of “globalization”. There is no person I could not or would not recommend this book to.
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