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Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep
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Jan 27, 2013

really liked it

I’d just started reading the Elemental Assassin series, back to back, and was only about 4 books into it when I saw that I could try for an ARC of this book. After reading them in order and finishing this one, I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. I hate waiting for the next release, especially when the last book I read still hasn’t hit store shelves yet. *lol*

What a ride! And not just this book but the entire series.

In a world filled with human, vampires, dwarves and giants, you’ve also some that have power with elementals, such as Stone, Ice, Air, Fire and offshoots of these major ones. And in the Southern town of Ashland you’ve got plenty of powerful folk and mob bosses.

Gin is an assassin with the rare combination of Stone and Ice elementals, who retires from that profession very early in the series. The problem is that people need help and Gin has made a lot of enemies as The Spider. She’s not allowed to retire. At the beginning of the series, Gin’s only family/friends are dwarf sisters, her mentor and her foster brother Finn. As the series progresses her ‘family’ grows considerably, which isn’t always good as the bad guys know they can get to her through them. But to have people accept her even knowing she’s an assassin makes a huge difference in her life.

In this latest installment, Finn forces Gin into attending a black tie event at the local museum, showcasing the art and jewelry of Mab Monroe, the woman who had pretty much run the town, and the woman Gin assassinated. Now think about the movie, Die Hard. Gin had left that area of the museum to get some air when a group of giants decide to rob everyone and take everything worthwhile out of the museum. Gin has to do something; people she cares about are among the hostages. And like Die Hard, things aren’t necessarily what they appear on the surface. Expect some twists and surprises.

What’s really cool about Gin is that her elemental powers are very powerful, but she prefers to rely on her knives and physical abilities because what would happen if she starts depending on those powers and they are depleted? These are normally used as a last resort. What makes Gin special is not only her physical and metaphysical abilities, but her will and determination, especially to keep a promise or to protect her ‘family.’ Her morals are very strong considering what she does.

The secondary characters are nothing to scoff at either, whether they are the good guys or the bad. All are interesting and many are well fleshed out; at least those closest to Gin.

This story, like all of the others in the series, is packed full of action and daring, and it doesn’t end with the death of the bad guy du jour. Feelings, relationships and consequences are just as important as taking out the bad guy and you get much more than the requisite chapter following the downfall of the bad guy. It helps to make Gin and much more well-rounded character.

I don’t suggest reading the books back to back without at least something else in between them. The author writes some back history for all important people and prior events mentioned. This makes it easy to pick up any of the books at any time and be able to delve right in without having to read a prior book much less reread the last one. But back-to-back, well that’s a lot a whole lot of duplication.

Read as an ARC from Edelweiss.

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