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Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz
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Jan 21, 10

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Edward was such a great character and Jack's reaction was exciting to watch.

Edward is something of a flamboyant soul that attracts Jack's stoic and repressed heart like a super magnet. The first scene is quite funny and I could picture it in my head perfectly as I read it. Jack is not healthy though and thankfully, impetuous Edward has a gift that can help him with the problem. Little do they realize that the health issue is bigger then just headaches and blurry vision.

Edward is on a mission to leave his broken heart behind in Atlanta. His plan is to get reacquainted with his grandmother in a south Texas town he eventually affectionately calls Hooterville. The time Edward spends with his Meemaw is touching. Edwards love for his dog is astounding and Jack's helplessness to stand up against it is intriguing to watch.

Jack has his own issues with control and reputation. After digging his way out and moving his way up from very humble beginnings, he is hypersensitive to what others think. Being Police Chief is his identity and he has ruthlessly suppressed his need for companionship along the way to reach his goal. Edward is everything he is attracted to personally but in such a small town he knows that relationship will garner everything he is scared of: ridicule and gossip as well as the possible loss of his job and respect of his townsfolk.

What is more important to Jack? Edward will have nothing less than total commitment, no closets or secrets or hidden agendas. Can Jack overcome his fear and reach out?

There is not a lot of sex in this book. Jack and Edward don't hook up in that way until well past the middle of the book, but their imaginations/fantasies are very good up to that point as well.

We meet back up with Mitchell and Sammi (from book 1) and Rush and Brian (from book 2) several times. They all play a part in bringing Jack and Edward to the boiling point. Sammi and Edward become quite good friends and the gang is all there for Edward as he faces some sad facts of life.

It was a very good way to wrap up this trilogy but I would have loved to have seen a more comprehensive epilogue. I hated to part way with the three couples.
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message 1: by Jack (new) - added it

Jack Great review, Jen! This looks like ANOTHER series we must read. Which couple or book was your favorite?

JenMcJ I liked them best in reverse order:

Common Powers 3: Eduard Unconditionally(Jack/Eduard)
Common Powers 2: Rush in the Dark (Rush/Brian)
Common Powers 1: Soul Bonds (Mitch/Sammi)

Although Sammi is by far the most tortured and most sympathetic of all the characters the "powers" threw me. Yeah, I know, the title should have given me a clue, but the blurb doesn't mention it and I wasn't prepared for it. Frankly,the story didn't need it really. But I am probably backward of everyone else you ask. I would guess they would answer: Book 1 and probably a toss up between book 2 and 3 for next fav. All of them are good so there is no downside.

Lynn Lorenz also wrote a Mercenary's Tale that is one of my keepers.

ElaineY Does "gayest man he’s ever seen" mean Edward is very effeminate with limp wrist gestures et al?

FloJ Jack, I agree with Jen re order of liking the characters. Although in No 2 I like Brian more than Rush.
And yes Elaine, gayest man he's ever seen means he is GAY. hisdog is dressed to match him!! but somehow it doesn't matter. He is just great.

ElaineY LOL! I don't mind the dog dressed like its master bit. That's gay but not effeminate. By effeminate I'm referring to gestures - does he walk like a woman, with highly-exaggerated hand gestures, bat his eyelashes - that kind of thing.

I'm straight and I don't understand why a gay man who isn't effeminate, is attracted to an effeminate man. I always ask myself if he's going to be attracted to a man who moves, dresses, gestures like a woman, why isn't he attracted to a woman. So this ignorance on my part disrupts my concentration if I were to read an MM romance where one of the protagonists is very effeminate in his behaviour. It's the reason I tend to read MM romances where both protagonists are cowboys, cops, firemen - all those highly macho professions.

I'll still read UE, anyway. Just want to be forewarned.

FloJ i suspect we have one of those coming up in the Cattle Valley series. New character arrived at the end of 'The Last Bouquet"

JenMcJ No, he isn't that effeminate and he is described as having a muscular body and he runs for excersize. I did not get turned off by any of his gestures or mannerisms, but big he-man attracted to smaller she-man does not turn me off. I can see the attraction both ways. That isn't the case here though, he has a big heart and I liked Edward. Did not have problems reading the book.

I think the new guy is going to be very interesting story (after quite a few boring ones lately) for Cattle Valley.

message 8: by Daisiemae (new)

Daisiemae I know I might be alone with this one, but I like to read about men who are opposite from one another and fall in love.
Effeminate men are often scene stealers and are so fun to read about. I think they make good heroes too, when they are matched just right.
Great Review, Jenn

Gabbi Your not alone in feeling this way. I like that mix, too.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I like quirky mixes sometimes too.

message 11: by Shayne (new) - added it

Shayne I like reading about effeminate men. Who wants big bad alphas all the time? Since most books have two alpha men together, it's always good to have a change once in a while.

JenMcJ I am also fascinated when they are secure enough with themselves to crossdress and/or be attracted to a crossdresser (even just in scene play)...I love that dynamic and different view of life and love and attraction.

message 13: by Daisiemae (new)

Daisiemae Me too, Jen!

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