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Adopted for a Purpose by Pauline Youd
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Apr 06, 2009

really liked it
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This little gem of a book is hard to find, so I took the time to type in sections to give others a taste of it. With all that is written about the woundedness of adoption (and I don't deny there is woundedness), Youd's Biblical approach is welcome. What is most valuable about this book is the Biblical basis for her observations and what she has done to guide the reader into a Biblical perspective of adoption.

She acknowledges adoption, and its challenges, without the dread sentencing of other approaches. Writing each biography in narrative form, she includes questions called "You Decide" at the end of each section. Some of these question are adoption specific, some observational in nature, but most have to do with how God is working and how we respond to Him. And, in her conclusion, she illuminates the reality that ALL Christians are adopted by God into His forever family through Jesus Christ.

This is not the last word on adoption or a Biblical view of it, but it is foundation upon which an image of one's self can be constructed that includes a past that raises questions about God and his son, Jesus, as well as a current adoption into God's family through acceptance of Jesus substitutionary death, and a future glorification in God's forever family. These are concepts that desperately need to be illuminated in the Christian adoption community. I hope more can be built on the foundation Youd has laid.

I also think this would be a good Bible study for families, adoptees, siblings, even Grandparents. It may help to create a language in which adoption can be communicated about in a Biblical manner. I'm not sure the correct point in our family's development, but I would like to study this together.

Youd's introduction is the best summary of this perspective. After quoting Psalm 27:10 and Psalm 22:10, Youd writes,

"Why couldn't my parents keep me?" "What were the circumstances of my birth?" "What are my real roots?"

This book may not answer all your personal questions about adoption for that is not its real purpose. It does show, however, how God uses what we may regard as undesirable circumstances for His greater purpose.

Each of the four Bible characters, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, and Esther, were taken by God from their natural parents and raised by someone else. Joseph was actually thrust out upon God alone. Moses was raised by Pharoah's daughter. Samuel was trained by Eli, the priest. Esther lived with her older cousin.

Each character left his or her natural family at a different time in life. Joseph was seventeen years old. Moses was an infant. Samuel was a young child, probably around five years old. The Bible does not say how old Esther was but she was probably a preteen.

Each character left his or her natural family under different circumstances. Joseph was sold by his jealous brothers. Moses' mother gave him to the Egyptian Pharoah's daughter in order to save his life. Samuel's mother gave her son back to God because she had promised that she would if God gave her a son. Esther lived with her cousin, Mordecai, because her parents had died.

What happened to each of these people?...

... With that brief introduction, let's begin these fascinating stories. Perhaps you'll find some of your circumstances written here. Perhaps you'll find some comfort, some courage, and some challenges along the way. It is hoped that you will trust God more with your life when you have seen how God worked in the lives of Joseph, who was never bitter with his circumstances; Moses, whose secular training was not wasted; Samuel, who had pure devotion to God; and Esther, who was guided by God's coincidences." pg. 9-11

The conclusion quotes Jeremiah 29:11 and reads:
"In this world of uncertainty and constant change, where can a person find calmness and light in a violent storm, an anchor that holds firmly, a solid foundation on which to stand? Is there anyone who knows for sure which way you should go when the road forks or which path will bring the most contentment? Does anyone care how you really feel deep down inside when you're all alone?

All of us long to be thoroughly loved in spite of our faults. Where can we go? Who can we trust? Is there an ultimate companion in whom we can place so much loyalty and confidence?

....[a review of the 4 Bible characters' victory over trials follows]...

... Your life is also a gift FROM God. What you choose to do with your life is your gift TO God. Finding the unique purpose for which he created you and by which you will find your deepest joy, involves a major decision on your part and that is what this chapter is all about.

God is an expert at calming storms, bringing light into darkness, and holding firmly onto uncertain hands. He alone provides a firm, non-slippery foundation on which to stand...

...This is the same God that Joseph, Moses, Samuel and Esther worshiped. He is perfect in knowledge and love, and he is the one who wants to adopt you as his own child.

God invites each of us to come and be a part of His family, a brother or sister to Joseph, Moses, Samuel, Esther, and others you may know right now. He calls you. Are you listening? Have you felt his Holy Spirit prompt you to respond?

When I was a child, I learned that God loved me so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for my sins. The only way I could be clean and pure before a holy God was to accept Jesus' sacrifice as being personally for me. He died in my place...

...as an adopted child of God,I have all the rights and privileges or a family member. I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ, God's only Son, inheriting all his spiritual riches, including peace and joy. Through prayer I have direct access to God at any time, and he encourages my questions as well as my worship. His Holy Spirit is constantly with me carefully guiding me within the boundaries he has set. I am like a precious jewel to him. God has drawn a hedge of protection around me. He does not deal with me according to what I deserve; instead, in love and mercy God trains and disciplines me. One day, when my physical body dies, I will go to the place he has prepared for me. There I will live throughout eternity encircled in his love.

How should you respond to God's invitation? Right now you can choose by faith to open your life to him. If you do that, God promises to come into your life and adopt you as his own child forever. He will assure you that he loves you and that you are now his own child by giving you His Holy Spirit, sometimes called the "Spirit of Adoption." Through God's Word, the Bible, he will feed your mind spiritual food daily as he miraculously fed the Israelites in the desert. God will defend you from the enemy because you are his own dear child. He will satisfy your thirst for truth, and as you follow his leading, God will give you the desires of your heart.

Hallelujah! I am adopted! There's plenty of room in God's family for you.

"In love, he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ" (Ephesians 1:5 NIV)"

For more on adoption parenting, I recommend:
The Connected Child, Purvis, 2007

Parenting the Hurt Child, Keck & Kupecky, 2002

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