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BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker
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Apr 08, 09

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Read in April, 2009

Wow! I have been wishing this book for a while now, and a friend of mine was lucky enough to get her hands on it! This is the first of Dekker's books that I've read, but I do intend on picking up at least one more.

This was an interesting read to say the least. The book starts out much differently than I expected it to. But, as I continued to read on, I realized that the beginning was to introduce Ryan and to develop his character for the reader. So, as I was learning all about Ryan, I was then introduced to his daughter Bethany and wife Celine. I didn't expect to dislike them, but I really couldn't help myself. Celine is completely selfish and Bethany is totally spoiled. However, the turn of events in Ryan's life leads him home to avenge the wrongs that he's committed against both wife and daughter. So, I was hopeful that once Ryan took an active role in both their lives that I would end up liking them. Little did he know that neither would welcome him back with open arms though. Up through this point, the action has been slower than I expected. But, when it picks up, it is all through Ryan. Instead of being pulled through the action scenes, it's like looking at them through Ryan's eyes and thoughts. This is where the book begins to take on a very psychological point of view. The book is very much a mind game. Ryan, being the Naval Intelligence officer that he is is constantly thinking. He's stratagizing, weighing pros and cons, and rethinking each step and move. Toward the end, the reader also gets to witness the mind game that Bethany plays with herself and the situation that she's in. It was just so very different from any other book that I've read. I really felt like instead of being able to picture what the lead character looked like and having a picture of him in my head, I had a picture of his brain instead!

I do think that this book was much longer than it needed to be. There were times that I felt like it was repetitious. For instance, I don't need the BoneMan's name and nicknames each time he enters the picture again. Another complaint that I have (and this REALLY bugged me) was that it seemed like everytime I flipped a page I was reading about "two things" this, or "nay, three things" this. You'll know what I mean when/if you read this book. BoneMan had several lists. He loved 1,2,3, he hated 1,2,3, he needed etc. etc. etc. I don't really know why this bothered me so much, but I'd be anxious to hear someone else's views on this!

Overall, I liked this book and look forward to more by Dekker. This would be a great book for a book club. I think that there could be some really good discussions about not only the content and plot, but about the characters and the biblical references.

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