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Batgirl by Scott Beatty
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Apr 06, 2009

really liked it
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Read in April, 2009

barbara gordon's first year as batgirl - how she got into it, and how it all came to be. i LOVED it. babs and dick were adorable. the only thing i don't understand - these year one collections - are there going to be year two and three, or are these one-offs?

it's quick, funny, and serious. i didn't realize babs was short. hah. even batman is likable in this! and pixie boots! the art is clean and fresh, and i really liked the kind of mythology of it - because it was written after babs' future is known, it managed to weave a lot of things together to make a really prophetic book that fits so well into the 'verse while still standing on its own. there's a slightly ominous, foreboding quality to it, even though it is quick and fun. a brilliant mesh.

also, if anyone knows where i can find the book that talks about babs transformation into oracle, i'd be much appreciative. or where the babs-dinah alliance really begins - i'm getting so confused and with all the time changes and stuff, the DCU is really complicated!!!

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Punk Generally the Year One books are one-offs. There is a Batman: Year Two, but it is AWFUL.

Lucy I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is one of my favorites. I made my noncomicreading sister buy it, so I could hook her.

stephanie Navah wrote: "I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is one of my favorites. I made my noncomicreading sister buy it, so I could hook her."

wooo! me too! and i'm not really a comics person!! recommend me something. :)

Lucy Totally not like Batgirl: Year One, but have you read Global Frequency, by Warren Ellis? It's really fun, and there is no messy continuity or backstory required--every issue is a stand-alone.

Right now I'm on a 100 Bullets kick--it's a really gritty noirish series that posits: What if your life sucked? Really sucked? And someone gave you a briefcase with irrefutable evidence leaving to the person who screwed you over, a gun, and 100 untraceable bullets? What do you do?"

It starts there, and then it gets REALLY interesting.

stephanie ooooh. those both sound *fascinating*. are they only available in comic form, or can I get them all in one, like batgirl?

(and do you have any other DCU stuff to rec? i've only read huntress, and BoP. oh, and "the long halloween", which i just read. by the way, if you haven't, you should read Huntress: Year One because it's awesome. we could do a trade over tea sometime, even!)

Lucy Global Frequency is available in two trades. 100 Bullets has like, twelve trades by now?

I tend to only read comics in trades--I'm too impatient to wait for new issues to come out!

Another solid rec if you're into zombies is Walking Dead--a great zombie series, up to nine trades by now.

I am not as well-versed in DCU, but I'll take a look at my shelf for you. Have you read Batman: Year One? I really liked that one. I also have Robin: Year One, but I haven't read it yet. I <3 Robin though, so I am psyched.

stephanie thanks!! or any graphic novels/comics, actually.

i'm the same way -- i'm way too impatient to wait for them to come out!! i'm very excited. and i'm going to check out batman, too.

(i have to pack for a week in florida, and i don't know what books to bring! it's very stressful! i can't read them too fast because i don't have much room in my suitcase, but there are so many i want to bring!!)

Lucy I know that feeling! I am the worst when it comes to packing books. I always always overpack, and I know I'm overpacking, but if I try to be realistic I have little panic attacks--what if I read too fast? What if I'm in the mood to read something else? What if what if?

N is good to me that way--he accepts the fact that I will overpack books as a fact of life, and doesn't make a fuss even though he has to carry them :D.

I assume you've read Sandman, right? What about Fables?

message 9: by stephanie (last edited Apr 06, 2009 05:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

stephanie i have read neither sandman nor fables. should i? knowing what i like? hee. :)

(also, i'm supposed to pack light, and i'll be working, so it's not like i normally do . . . i almost always overpack books! i'm sure i still will, taking out clothes to make room. hah.)

Lucy Sandman is THE definitive graphic novel. It's ten trades, and it's a staggering work of mythic brilliance. Caveat: the first trade, Preludes and Nocturnes, is also the most uneven, but read it anyway.

Fables is an entertaining and fascinating series about fairy tale creatures. It has high moments and weak ones--I used to follow it religiously, but I haven't for a while, mostly due to lack of resources. I really enjoyed it, though.

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