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I Am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson
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Apr 04, 09

Recommended to Nina by: Pam
Recommended for: All moms and women
Read in April, 2009

I really enjoyed this book once I got through the intro and the first few chapters. I don't often feel that what I do here in the home doesn't matter but it sure is hard to keep a conversation going with people who don't seem to get it. When I run into colleagues from the PD or DJJ, and they ask what I am doing with myself, I state that I am doing what I can to keep my children out of the system. Johnson made a great statement when she said that if you ask an individual about their mother often they cannot say enough but ask society about mothers and they don't have as much regard (this is paraphrased).

I think every mom needs to read this book and every woman needs to read chapter six and seven. Chapter six is titled "Walking in each other's Shoes", she discusses how we women often judge one another or make flippant comments without thinking of the reprocutions. She talks of one mother struggling while she worked and her husband assumed the role at home and instead of support that person judged her. Or one mom who "had to much time on her hands" because she set aside time and got a babysitter so that she could get her nails done. These comments reminded me of when I designed Jesse's birth announcement and had everything ready to put it together and one person made the comment that "Isn't it a little late to be sending out an annoucement?". Jesse was only 2 or 3 months and her comment stung so much that I never sent his announcements out. I needed someone to reach out and say "would you like some help on that or can I watch your baby while you do that?". I finally have figured out that this person is still learning the same skill I am, tact. I still don't think that she has realized that she needs to learn to think first, speak second, but that is neither here nor there.

Chapter 7 is called "We are all mothers", I have to believe that. She talks of several acts of kindness that women have shown other women or children. I think of the people who have watched my son for numerous appointments and some of those being to get my nails done. Or the women who teach my son in church, it is ammazing what he comes home knowing, and a great lesson on what an influence we have on the children of others.

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Abby You are ahead of me having at least made baby announcements for your kid, even if you didn't send them out. I sent out an email a few weeks after Benjamin was born. Does that count? I technically sent something out and was announcing his birth. :-)

And since WHEN is 2-3 months late to send out baby announcements? That lady is weird. Trust me.

I really liked this book, too.

Nina Thanks, I appreciate the support. I now realize that I was really sensitive and just said goodbye to my best friend 2 days before I had my son. I didn't have the support that I needed and didn't reach out either.

This woman is a good friend, but like I said she has quite a tongue. She once made a comment in RS when one girl stood up during the good news moment to annouce her graduation with her Master's in Education. UMM wow! This woman then responded with "oh I was hoping you were going to say you were pregnant!". I was livid with this response, given my fertility issues. Why in the LDS world do we put others who have no children, down or question them like they have a disease if they donot choose to concieve on their wedding night? I just know that every girlfriend that I had who's one goal in life was to marry and have children are still single.

Abby Some people are so retarded, bless their stupid hearts. People judge the heck out of each other about why they are or aren't having kids, or how many they're having, or if they are married or who they decided to marry.

I was not a "conceive on my wedding night" kind of girl. Oh my gosh, I love birth control pills! Long live worry free sex. And boo on the dumb ladies who say stupid things in RS. Or in life in general. Some people think they know everything. You never know if you're putting someone down for not having kids soon enough, and they've been crying themselves to sleep every night for years, trying to get pregnant.

I am sure I have said stupid things before. I am always trying to be better and not be a jerk on accident. That, and being skinny, will always be major goals in my life.

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