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Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz
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Aug 26, 2007

really liked it
Read in March, 2006

Stupid Oprah. I quite liked this book, it annoys me to find out that it's an Oprah book. It makes me like it less by default. Why do authors LET her put her name on their books? It's a shame.

"But a sense that there might also exist some entirely different destination, one that he couldn’t yet see but which lay just beyond the obscuring undergrowth of long habit and expectations, troubled him and kept him from moving forward. He had no idea how to hack through the foliage, nor whether whatever he uncovered would please him, but neither did he want to follow blindly the manicured course on which his feet were already set."

All the characters were slightly crazy, but with good reason. I loved the narration, switching between past and present, from the perspective of different characters. I loved the story, and how it played out. Giving just enough of the past to keep you interested in the present.

I thought it was very good.
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message 1: by Judy (new) - added it

Judy Funny, I feel the same way when I see Oprah's name on a book, and yet many of them are very good (a few are really awful), but still, don't know exactly why I feel that way.

Jesus "Oprah farts on a book and it magically sells one million copies."- Mr.Woodcook movie.
And that is why authors let her name fill up a portion of their front covers, because when that lady speaks, the world listens.

Deirdre I don't understand the concept of liking something less because it's an Oprah book, or because it's popular. Seems a little elitist to me? It's similar to saying "I loved this band BEFORE everyone else, but now that they're on the radio, I'm over them." If a book is good, it's good. Oprah has nothing to do with it. And anything that gets more people reading, including the Oprah book club, is ok with me.

Lady Day What's the big to do about whether a celebrity in some way endorses a book or the fact that it was on "reading list" of a particular individual? I don't get it.It's not much different than when a celebrity writes a forward or review of a particular product or book.

Tory Celebrity endorsements annoy me in any respect, to be fair. It's not just Oprah. Bono annoys me when he tries to talk politics, too.

In our celebrity obsessed culture, this idea that because someone is famous they know more, or that their opinions matter more on topics that are not their field... it bothers me. It bothers me that people listen just because they're a recognizable figure from the television. Because fame makes it cool. Please. Books are cool without some pompous celebrity telling me what I should like.

PacaLipstick Gramma I read Edgar Sawtelle because it was supposed to be so great. What a disappointment.
Also, celebrities, other authors, newspapers, etc. may get kickbacks for endorsing a book! THAT, more than anything is one reason I am wary of some books.

Emily I feel similarly, sometimes, though perhaps not for quite the same reason -- I worked at a Barnes & Noble for a little while right out of college and oh man, I can't tell you how annoying it was when a big new Oprah book arrived. Having to find under-the-table storage for 100s of copies of any given title was, to put it mildly, aggravating. That said, there are some fantastic books that made it on to her list, James Frey aside. (Though really, does Elie Wiesel really need any more publicity? The man's already a legend, and somehow I find it hard to imagine Oprah's legions really loving that book. That might just be my own elitism at work, though.)

message 8: by Gloria (new)

Gloria That seems harsh. I think most of the books Oprah recommends are very similar, but they are the ones she likes. In the same way we do not all love the same books. (I don't think she recommends a book for the money,she has enough.)

Carol Heckman Why all of the negativity about any book Oprah recommends. I find I like about 70% of her recommendations. That's not a bad average. Certainly better than anything else you could try. Give it a rest.

Caitlin Hayes You will never be as awesome as Oprah

Gjscollins That just cracks me up! I refuse to read books that have her name on it. I'm reading this one only because it!'s a book club pick. ;)

message 12: by Heidi (new) - added it

Heidi Tory, I agree with you. If I've enjoyed a book and then find the Oprah name on it I feel like I've been herded with the other sheeple.

message 13: by Dinah (new)

Dinah Tory, I agree. Your reasoning is nothing personal about Oprah per se, but celebrities' opinions being a notch above the rest of us. That some of them must put their politics in our faces doesn't help.

message 14: by Esthy (new) - added it

Esthy I am always worried when it's an Oprah book too!

Carol Billings Well I have never read an Oprah pick that I didn't like, though I haven't read more than half a dozen that I'm aware of. Perhaps it's because she prefers a certain "style" or formula, and I happen to like that kind of book? Just a thought.

message 16: by Tracy (new) - added it

Tracy Lehane Why would it matter if Oprah'so name is on it, that's stupid that you wouldn't like it as much for that reason. It's a good book. Who gives a shit.

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