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Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
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Jul 14, 14

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Recommended to Cara by: Valerie (sister) and Ginny (friend)
Read in April, 2009

Now I know why people made such a fuss when the movie came out. I watched the movie first, so I had no idea how utterly wrong everything was. It totally is not like the book. Just slap on the names and the curse and that's where the similarities end. I must say the book is MUCH better than the movie.

The style of the writing was kind of weird for me, but not in a bad way. It's not that it was too fast paced or anything, but I noticed there wasn't a lot of padding or fanfare before events would happen, which I usually expect from fantasy books. The writing style worked in this story since it seemed to fit the main character to a tee.

I absolutely loved the story. It's a great way of showing how the only one who can save you is you, and you have to find the strength within to do it. Sometimes it takes someone else to bring that strength out of you and that's what Char does for Ella unknowingly.

The magic book was a nice touch and added what the other characters were thinking without actually changing the narrator of the story. I couldn't give the book 5 stars because it seemed odd to me how she dealt with her mother's death. It's like after awhile it doesn't seem to matter, which I guess makes sense since the book isn't really about her grieving for her mother. The story is really about how her death makes Ella have to face her demons by throwing her the different situations she finds herself in. Still, it really isn't that bothersome because of course you see that Ella misses her mother at times.

This is the best version of the Cinderella story I have encountered. All and all a very worth while read.
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Enna  Moon I agree about the movie. It was so different from the book. It drives me crazy, because this is my favorite book.

Cara Kyrie wrote: "I agree about the movie. It was so different from the book. It drives me crazy, because this is my favorite book."

Yeah I understand your frustration. This is one of my friends favorite books as well, so I really do feel your pain but hey there is still the book, right?

Enna  Moon Cara wrote: "Kyrie wrote: "I agree about the movie. It was so different from the book. It drives me crazy, because this is my favorite book."

Yeah I understand your frustration. This is one of my friends f..."

Exactly! (see my review of this book)

Gail I completely agree... I read this book when I was littler, and I was so excited to see the movie, but even then I noticed how ridiculous it was. Cheesy costumes, perky characters... it was basically a little stroll through fairyland, full of pretty colors and a bit of scary stuff along the way.
Seriously, it really bugged me. The book is so much better. A "friend" of mine said she liked the movie (may I add that she is one of those anti-readers) and I was pretty offended.

Cara Ha, I know sometimes people don't understand readers! I think the movie is fine but it really didn't do the book justice. Non-readers just don't know what they're missing huh? Thanks for the comment Gail:D

message 6: by Tica (last edited Aug 29, 2012 06:42AM) (new)

Tica I'm so glad I've read your comment since I have only seen the movie and now I want to read the book(which I wasn't aware of until recently). In situations like this, I think it's a virtue that movie doesn't have a lot in common with the book, so it's all still a mystery(kind of).

Cara Huh, that's true isn't it? That's a good way to look at it. Well hope you enjoy it Tijana:)

message 8: by Molly (last edited Oct 01, 2013 08:38PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Molly Bunker I'm not a fantasy person, usually I would give fantasy books 1-2. But Ella Enchanted was really good! I am just not into fantasy so that's why I gave it a 3 even though 3 is not a very good score :)

Cara I'm glad you were able to enjoy a fantasy book Molly:)

Molly Bunker Thanks Cara, I agree with you about the movie. "For the lack of a better word is was terrible" says another person on good reads. Her name is Cameron.

message 11: by Tong (new) - added it

Tong Tong I only saw the movie so I just found out that there was a book so I came on goodreads to update. But now, I really want to see how the different the book is from the movie.

message 12: by Cara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cara I do hope you read it Tong! There are very different from each other.

Sarah I loved how there was more of a romance and she wasn't supposed to back stab the Prince. Literally..

aman nain singh dhot I totally agree, book is better.

Lauren i watched the movie first too. it has no similarities at all- besides the curse and characters. the movie has an entirely different plot.

Lauren i totally agree with you sarah---the book was better, though the movie was okay.

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