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Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Apr 02, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2009

** spoiler alert ** i absoulutely luved this book and read it really fast. So it starts out with Camelia almost killed and some guy that saved her. Camelia makes it her mission to find out who he is and won't like anyone else. One day, there is a new guy, Ben, and he is the guy that saved Camelia. He is infamous for supposubley pushing his girlfriend off a cliff. When Camelia gets home from school, she finds a pic. of herself that has a red bubbly heart around her in the mailbox. In some of the chapters, there are diary entries of someone which is her stalker. The pages talk about someone wanting to date her and wanting to want to know everything about her. It also talks about how this person had her once but made a mistake. Ben start wanting to come closer to know more about her and keeps touching her (not perverted wise) because he can sence Camelia's dead body. At the same time, she gets a box that has a pair of pajamas that she wanted. Soon, the person writing the journal entries get mad and feels like Camelia is ungreatful because she acts like she doesn't care. The pics keep coming and everytime, Ben keeps touching them to try to see who is stalking her and trying to kill her. One night, Matt(ex-boyfriend) tells Camelia to come with him because Ben has supposeubly gone mad. Camelia goes to see whats wrong and ends up being captured by her stalker, Matt. The reason Camelia broke up with Matt was because he was to clingy but says its because she doesn't want a relationship. Matt got her because he saw that Camelia wanted a relationship with Ben. Cameila tries kicking Matt to get him to hate her and to let her go. Matt get Camelia to pass out and locks her in his parents trailer. He says that he will get her anything she wants. She says that she wants him to let her go but he says not untill she says that she loves Matt and means it. Camelia gets partley free except for the cuffs. She starts running and finds that Ben is right there about to kick Matt's a** for doing what he did. The po-po go over there and arrest Matt for harrassment. Kimmie and Wes are Camelia's bff's. They feel bad for giving her sh** about thier friendship. Ben ends up leaving town for some reason.
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message 1: by Kimm (new) - added it

Kimm LoL thanks! I recently got a library copy of the second book and could not remember the details of the first. Your review reminded me.

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