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US Army Survival Manual by U.S. Department of Defense
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Apr 01, 2009

it was amazing
Read in April, 2009

You can remain alive anywhere in the world when you keep your wits. This is a major lesson in survival. Remember that nature and the elements are neither your friend nor your enemy—they are actually disinterested. Instead, it is your determination to live and your ability to make nature work for you that are the deciding factors.

Learn to put up with new and unpleasant conditions. Keeping your mind on SURVIVAL will help. Don’t be afraid to try new foods. One survivor reported that some men would almost starve before eating strange food. He said they tried a soup made from lamb’s head, with lamb’s eyes floating around in it. When a new prisoner came in, he would try to find a seat next to him so he could eat the food the prisoner refused.

A clean shave is a good morale booster.

Avoid scratches, bruises, and loss of direction and confidence by developing “jungle eye.”

If caught in an avalanche, use swimming motions to stay on top.

Be careful not to drink more than three or four cups of ripe coconut juice a day. This juice is a violent laxative.

Be careful not to get this [papaya:] juice into your eyes—it will cause intense pain and temporary or even permanent blindness.

…you can live for a long period on nothing but almonds.

Both rats and mice are palatable meat, particularly if cooked in a stew. These rodents should be skinned, gutted, and boiled. Rats and mice should be boiled about 10 minutes. Either may be cooked with dandelion leaves. Always include the livers.

Survival in remote and desolate areas, in the Arctic, desert, or jungle, depends on you. You must be physically fit; have a fundamental knowledge of woodcraft principles; know what foods are available and how to find and prepare them; understand how to care for your body and how to conserve energy; and recognize those plants and animals that will harm you. Armed with this knowledge, you are prepared to wage a winning battle for survival.

With few exceptions, natives are friendly. They know the country, its available water and food, and the way back to civilization….
(1) Let the natives contact you. Deal with the recognized headman or chief to get what you want
(3) Treat natives like human beings.
(5) Respect personal property, especially their women.
(6) Don’t take offense at pranks played on you. Primitive people especially are fond of practical jokes.

Survival is synonymous with “take your time.”

The polar bear is a tireless, clever hunter with good sight and an extraordinary sense of small. He may even hunt you!

Do not fry meat. This method eliminates the fat necessary for your health.

Don’t hurry. Never try to beat the jungle by speed—you can’t.

Native food in the Sahara is both palatable and edible. You are less likely to enjoy the food that is available in the Gobi since the native Mongols have less idea of cleanliness than the Arabs.

Avoid wild buffalo because of their continued mean tempers.
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