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Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance
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May 30, 09

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I always get exhausted reading about the hurdles Cassie faces in her desperate attempt to do her job AND stay alive. But it's a wonderful euphoric sort of exhaustion, as every plot twist and harrowing encounter leaves my eyes wide, my pulse quickened, and my brain demanding more!

This has quickly become one of my favorite series. Cassie is a heroine who flies by the seat of her pants. She's vulnerable and understandably freaked out, but she stands by her convictions and is so immensely likable as a result. The cast of characters is well developed, and the settings are vividly described. The sarcastic humor is perfect and provides many laugh out loud moments. And Cassie's love interests...whew!

One thing I especially like about Chance: resolutions are found in each book--not everything is wrapped up neatly, but there's a definite sense of progress. She knows exactly how long to use a plot device, so the storyline remains fresh and interesting.

I can't wait for the next book!
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Quotes The Flooze Liked

Karen Chance
“He smiled at that, and then his gaze shifted to a spot over my shoulder and it faded. 'These doubts wouldn’t have anything to do with the company you’re keeping of late, would they?'
I didn’t get a chance to answer before the shop door was thrown open and a furious war mage stomped in. Pritkin spotted me and his eyes narrowed.
'You shaved my legs?!'
Mircea looked at me and folded his arms across his chest. I looked from one unhappy face to the other and suddenly remembered that I had somewhere else to be.”
Karen Chance, Curse the Dawn

Karen Chance
“And I just couldn't take it anymore. I closed the distance between us, slammed him back against the chair and kissed him, holding his head still with both my hands buried in that stupid, stupid hair. I half expected more resistance, because Pritkin had never met an argument he didn't like. So it was a shock when he ran his hands down my sides, cupped my hips and slid us both to the floor.
"I'm going straight to hell for this," he muttered.
"At least you'll know a lot of people," I said breathlessly. ”
Karen Chance, Curse the Dawn

Karen Chance
“No, Miss Palmer. What is bizarre is that I currently have a vagina.”
Karen Chance, Curse the Dawn

Karen Chance
“Then you must be willing to fight," Mircea responded. "Life is not a gift, Raphael; it's a challenge. Rise to it!”
Karen Chance, Curse the Dawn

Karen Chance
“I’m beginning to sense a theme,” Mircea said, tossing his suit coat over a buckskin-covered chair. A moose head with huge, outspread antlers loomed over it, its bright glass eyes looking oddly lifelike in the low light. Mircea took in the room, his expression slightly repulsed yet fascinated. “I believe there is only one thing to say at this point.”
What’s that?”
Yee haw,” he said gravely, and took me down like a rodeo calf.”
Karen Chance, Curse the Dawn

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