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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
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A man semi-inherits the bizarre and voluminous writings of another man who wrote about a film that might exist in the story or might not. The film features another man and his family moving into a bizarre house with an empty chambers of endlessly growing and expanding hallways with nothing and no one inside. They explore, they're afraid, the house keeps expanding in a way that ultimately could kill, despite the lack of a monster (besides one of the characters).

Themes: media (film or written) taking over the mind and making you crazy, post-modern, fear of emptiness, adventure

I've never read another book remotely like this. It was bizarre and intriguing. Boring and weird occassionally. Alternately hard to follow and impossible to put down. Written as notes and subnotes and sub-subnotes. I loved the section where the childhood was described, with the mother writing coded letters from the hospital.

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