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Bride of the Water God, Volume 6 by Mi-Kyung Yun
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Jan 19, 2013

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** spoiler alert ** When I first started this series I knew it was a romance but the art was lovely and I know very little of Korean mythic tradition in which this is steeped. Having a water god cursed to be a boy (Habeak) by day and a man (Mui) by night was interesting. Soah, his bride, was actually a sacrifice by her village to end a drought. She was cast into the sea to die hoping to please Habeak and he saved her.

Not surprising, there are many other gods and goddesses who don’t get along and are always plotting something. Habeak himself is embarrassed about his curse and instead of just doing the sensible thing and telling Soah, he allows her to see him as Mui. Naturally after five volumes, Soah is in love with Mui and wants to be with him rather than Habeak. To complicate matters more, a woman who looks just like Habeak’s dead former bride, Nakbin, has been brought into the heavens. She might even be Nakbin.

And in this volume, the storyline starts to lose me for two reasons. One, it’s getting so convoluted and too many of the gods/goddesses look alike I’m losing track. Two, the whole petty jealousy/competing for a lover thing has never worked for me. I found this volume a bit confusing and disappointing. Soah doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for herself or even to admit to Habeak that she loves another (in fact only seems to want the boy when Nakbin does). I’ll be reading on but mostly because I found this and the next three volumes at a used book store and bought them since I had been enjoying it. Now, if I liked romance more than I do (I don’t) I might really be enjoying this.

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