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Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot
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Mar 31, 2009

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Read in April, 2009

This story had a cute premise, and was nicely written. The rich but low-born hero knows his daughter-of-a-duke fiancee is cheating on him, but he can't find out who, so he can break off the engagement without getting sued for breach of contract and losing wads of money. The heroine discovers her fiance the marquis shagging the duke's daughter, but won't tell the hero who his fiancee is cheating with because she's afraid the hero will shoot him. (The hero is a dead shot and an up-from-the-gutters manufacturer of firearms.) The heroine decides to ask the hero for seduction lessons--and the hero finds himself helpless to keep from seducing her. It's a cute story. BUT--there are some Huge Research Fauxpas's. The book is set in 1870, and her females are wearing Scarlett O'Hara-style hoop skirts. By 1870, the beginnings of the bustle were being seen. No more steel hoops... The worst of it, though is the ease with which the hero moves through society, and the fact that the heroine's father, who was a plumber who invented a hot water system, was made an earl. He might have been knighted, but he certainly wouldn't have been made an earl. Not in 1870, and not by Victoria. (I told my Brit friend, who nearly choked, and doubted he'd even have made knighthood...) Plus, while the "villainess" of the piece was a duke's daughter, daddy had apparently died--and there was no mention of who the current duke was, whether brother, cousin, or whoever--who would certainly have been in control of the family. Anyway--while the story was a cute one, I kept stumbling over these raggedy wrong historical elements, which kept jerking me out of the story. So--an okay read, if you can get past the bad research. I stumbled over it a lot, but lots of other people probably wouldn't.
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03/31/2009 page 150
33.48% "Huge research flaws, cute story."
04/01/2009 page 267
59.6% "Still having trouble getting around the research issues, but... Not too annoying to keep reading."

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Miriam Haha, this was one of the first half-dozen or so romances I ever read... I'd pretty much forgotten about it.

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nice review, but i do not think that romance novel such as this is aming to have a lot of accurete historical data. when i read these books i do not pay attention to historical accuracy, because i know there won't be any. however that is not to say that there are no HR novels out there that are historically accurate

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