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Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas
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Nov 07, 09

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Even though I bought this book soon after it came out, I must admit I wasn't all that enthused to read it. Not because of any fault of the author, book, or series (I like author and the series) but mostly because out of the various romance sub-genres I read, historicals set in England (Regency era or whatever) aren't my favorite to read. They're probably at the bottom of the pile. I enjoy them now and then, but I'd just much rather read a romantic suspense or contemporary romance or erotic romance, etc. So even though I knew I'd probably like this book, it took me a while to work up to reading it. But it was worth reading in the end. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Series Note:
This book is the 3rd book of Kleypas's Hathaway series, which is about a quirky English family that suddenly finds themselves part of the nobility and not really qualified to fit in. This book may possibly be read as a depends on how strict you are on that type of thing. For me, personally, I'd have wanted to read them in order, but at the same time, the storyline is fairly independent with the only running aspect that of the characters and the new marriages.

Poppy Hathaway may love her unconventional family unconditionally, but she doesn't exactly want a marriage that is so odd and unpredictable. She wants a man who will bring some stability and normalcy to her life. And she thinks she's found just the man. But then she meets enigmatic hotel owner Harry Rutledge who causes her body to tremble. For Harry, it's lust and possessiveness at first sight. He wants Poppy for himself, damn anybody else.

The next thing Poppy knows, she's marrying Harry, despite her reservations and her anger over his manipulations. But Poppy soon finds out there is more to Harry than meets the eye. He intrigues her and stirs her nurturing soul. Even if he's more like her unconventional family than she would like. But getting Harry to trust her and care for her may be an impossible task. Harry has his heart locked in a steel box and it will take everything in Poppy to break through his defenses.

I really enjoy the Hathaway family from this series. They're so anti-proper and unlike the typical stiff, rigid noblemen and women. Beatrix, Poppy's younger sister, cracks me up. And I love Cam. They're just a lot of fun to read about.

Sometimes these historical romances where the storyline is almost entirely about the romance kind of bore me because they tend to go 'round and 'round the same point, but this one never bored me. There's a great push/pull between Harry and Poppy that keeps the story on its toes. And there's the slow discovery of who Harry is as a person that turns a reader from bordering on disliking him to feeling a deep sympathy toward what he's been through in his life. Plus there's the machinations of the hotel staff that were amusing (with some really funny lines!).

I really liked the romance between Poppy and Harry. Poppy is such a likable character because she may have a little prim and proper in her, but at heart, she's just as unconventional as her family. She's intelligent, kind, caring and a perfect foil to Harry's blocked off emotions. And Harry...well, in the beginning, it's easy to think of him as the bad guy because of what he did. But you could also consider him a guy doing what it takes to get what he wants. As you get to know him through the book, it's easier to like him, though, and there's a great chemistry between him and Poppy.

And of course, it's great to be able to catch up with past characters from the series...Cam and Amelia, Win and Kev. You also get a sneak peek at what is looking to be a very interesting pairing in Leo Hathaway and Miss Marks, Poppy and Beatrix's companions. And then there's Beatrix. What a fascinating young woman! I'm very much looking forward to her story.

There's also a small little piece of suspense in the story. I read some reviews that criticized this part, said it was superfluous. Maybe it was, but I didn't mind it in the least. For me, it fit the story and gave the book a little tension and intrigue. I'm always in favor of that. So it worked for me.

I do question the cliffhanger type ending, though. I didn't think that was necessary at all. There's already plenty of build-up to the Leo/Catherine Marks pairing. I was already intrigued enough to not need such a hanging thread to end the book. It mostly just annoyed me because I was left thinking, damnit, I don't want to wait until next summer (or whenever) for the next book! So personally, I'd have left that part off.

Overall, though, this book was a winner for me. It's quirky, fun, with a little bit of steaminess. The romance is great and so are the characters. It was a perfect addition to what has been a pretty good series.
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Dina Great review, Isis! I've been told about the (darn) cliffhanger by other readers, so I'm waiting until the release of the next book to read the 2 books together. I hate this type of ending outside the UF world.

Rane Great Review Isis!
Yeah the cliffhanger was in left field <_<

jenjn79 Thanks!

Dina - it was an annoying way to end, but for me, it wasn't so bad of a cliffhanger that I wished I'd waited to read until the next one was out. It was more just irritating.

Amar Am reading it now and really enjoying it...I really like the way LK handled the romance between Harry and Poppy, the slow buildup, the longing that Harry feels for even a smile from Poppy...only a skilled writer like LK could've pulled off making Harry the type of anti-hero he started off as....

jenjn79 I liked the way things went between Poppy & Harry, too.

I'm looking forward to the next book with the brother and Miss Marks.

Amar You guys scared me with that cliffhanger talk...I thought when Harry disappeared toward the end, that was going to be the when it ended up being about Leo and Catherine, I was relieved :-)

jenjn79 LOL...yeah, it wasn't a horrible cliffhanger, but still irritating. I like books to be wrapped up and not leave me wondering.

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