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Cabin Fever by B.A. Tortuga
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Mar 30, 09

Read in June, 2007

Walker is a young man for the first time far from home who is lost in the mountains at the beginning of the winter. He tries to reach the pass but seems that he has lost his track. And then he meets Horace, a big man who lives alone in a cabin among the mountain. Horace has no earth to leave alone the lad and brings him home with him.

A big snow arrives and another one and seems all to natural for Walker to remain with Horace: but Horace has some stranger ideas, he loves to touch and to kiss, and he loves to do that to men! And Walker, who is a total innocent, never has done that never with a woman, is enthralled but this man. And maybe when winter will pass, Horace will keep him in the cabin...

Walker is a poor lad, innocent of life and of sex. Maybe he is not gay, maybe if he had met a girl he could have married her, but he has met Horace and Horace is so gentle and insistent and the things they do together are so pleasant... so wickedly pleasant. Horace is a tought man: he has lived much, he has seen more, and now he only wants a quiet life in his mountain cabin. But if he can share that life with a willing lad like Walker, he sure will do everything to keep this man.

An interesting reading, very arousing, even if I hardly can believe that a man in the last year of the nineteen century could know and make the things that Horace makes to Walker. So you can amuse yourself with the defloration of Walker by the hand of Horace (literatelly) and see how he slowly falls on the wicked side of live.


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