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Water Keep by J. Scott Savage
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May 09, 09

bookshelves: young-adult
Read in May, 2009

Fun little run-of-the-mill fantasy story. All powerful evil threatens to destroy world...the chosen special child who is the only one capable of stopping the evil grew up ignorant of his true identity and fate...the evil discovers him and almost kills him...he is saved at last second by friends and wise, powerful, magical mentor guy who tell him the bare bones of what is going on, but they don't tell him other key facts because he's not ready and that would ruin the against impossible odds...first part of quest completed and on to the next book, etc.

That may come off a little more negative than I mean it. I liked the two main characters a lot and the magical Farworld was creative. Kyja's power (or non-power) especially is used in interesting ways. I liked how everything talked and the farm animals told jokes. Many of the bad guys are good enough for this sort of thing. The quest itself seems a little forced, as in the objective doesn't really make sense.

I think the title and cover should be different both because those characters are not really a big part of the story and those characters are not as well-written. The cover actually kind of misleads you as to the setting of the book. I can see the 2nd book being named for the quest (Fire Palace or Earth Citadel or something) since we won't need to spend time on all of the introductory stuff from the first book and the quest will be the focus, but it just seems off here. (Like if Harry Potter Five were subtitled The Department of Mysteries instead of Order of the Phoenix--it would fit with the climax, but not really catch the feeling of the book.) It seems like the Author started out with a plan for four books, one each about a quest to meet each of the four elementals (not giving anything away that's not in the blurb on the back of the book jacket) and then titled the book with that in mind. Maybe it will fit better when all the books are written.

Overall, it's a nice book in the genre and unique enough to enjoy despite my bit of sarcasm about the plot. I'll read the sequel.

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