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The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
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This is the final book in the Princes trilogy by Hoyt. I loved both The Raven Prince and The Leopard Prince and was expecting the same with this one. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it half as much.

This is as much a love story as a story of revenge. The hero, Simon, has inherrited the title of Viscount after the death of his brother in a duel. A duel he was forced to make by four men who stood to gain money after his death. So Simon found out who those men were and challenged them in duels in order to avenge his brother's murder. The story starts after Simon has already killed the first two men and has two more left. One of the men arranges for Simon to be hit and left in an empty countryside road to freeze to death. Fortunately for Simon, a yound woman returning home finds him and has him carried to her house to recuperate. They find themselves attracted to each other but Simon believes he has to fullfil his mission befores he gets involved with her. He leaves for London but soon returns for her since she won't leave his mind. But while he brings her back to London with him, he stills goes out, seeking his remaining victims every night. Lucy learns at some point about the men he killed and those he still seeks out and has to make a decision; should she stay with him or is he beyond salvation?

I'm usually very supportive of a hero's revenge cause, but in this one it was just too much. Simon is obsessed with his cause and it frankly takes up most of the story, leaving little space for the romance to develop. Lucy, who was extremely attracted to Simon from start, has an unrealistically huge trouble realising that she loves him: it doesn't happen until 70-80 pages before the end! And as for the last duel, well I think Simon just took it too far. To me, he was so deeply hurt and damaged by all this revenge thing, that I cannot believe he would ever be able to forget and live his life happily after all. Even the fairy tale about The Serpent Prince did not have a 100% satisfactory ending.

If there was an epilogue, to explain what happens to Pocket as she grows up, and how Simon turned out to be a happy man after all, I would perhaps rate it with 3 stars. Unfortunately, I was left with the feeling that their future lies rather bleak ahead, and that's not the way I want my romances to end.
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04/26/2009 page 124
34.25% "It hasn't grabbed me so far... I have been reading it for 4 days and I'm bored. Can't see what they find to each other except looks." 1 comment
04/27/2009 page 147
40.61% "Maybe my mood changed because it's only been a few pages but it's growing on me. Still not excited but at least I'm not bored anymore."
04/28/2009 page 212
58.56% "This is getting darker in every page but we also we get more insight on the hero's character. Not sure I like him so far or the book either" 6 comments

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Verity Yikes ! I've been a fan of foppish romance heroes, since 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'. This doesn't sound promising to me, after reading your review. I was planning to read it on my staycation in a few weeks.

Fani *loves angst* Well, this one is as foppish as it gets! He wears wigs and red heels(!) and brocade waistcoats all the time.

It just that all this revenge thing turned into the main theme of the book rather than the romance I think. And he was so shattered after he finished with the duels, I couldn't believe how this man could have a HEA in the end.

Perhaps it's because I had heard this was the best of the series and I was let down. I don't know if you should skip it as many people have enjoyed it; I'm just the minority it seems.

Verity I heard The Raven Prince was the fan fav in the series. I luved TRP & liked The Leopard prince, so I thought TSP would be as good, if not better. Yeah, I'm still planning to read it. I have a few more w/ foppish heroes on my WL per others' recs. I guess EH's been a hit & miss, I'm also gonna read 'To taste temptation' as soon as it shows up in my mailbox =^D

Fani *loves angst* Judged by the reviews here and in Ami, I understood that The Leopard Prince was the worst of the 3. And the rating here for TSP was very high on March when I ordered it. But it seems that people have been rating it low since then and now it's the weakest of the lot!
Funny how a month or two can change things:)

Fani *loves angst* I just read Caine's review for TSP in Amazon. It's in the home page of TSP and it's very very good explaining the situation in this book, without revealing any spoilers. Check it out if you have the time:)

Verity Whoa, that was an interesting Ami review. I luved Madeline Hunter - 'The seducer'. I think I'll go for TSP just to see how it is. @ least now I know going in, that Simon's more consumed w/ his revenge than w/ the luv of his life.

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