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The Gathering by Anne Enright
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Mar 26, 2009

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Read in July, 2009

Must read right away!! And the rest of hers! And the other Irish Book Awards winners!! Now!

My definition of Irish (in place of anything to do with Catholocism and/or alcohol): smiling eyes, smart wit, and literary superiority.

And Anne, in case you read this, I'm sure you share all three with me! Given that, I hope you don't mind what I'm going to say:

I don't want to continue reading this. I stopped once, read some more, and now am really stopping.

I feel when reading this like I'm lying in a bed wrapped in sheets like a mummy, and I keep getting turned this way and that, and I'm the movie I'm supposed to be watch keeps being not at all in view due to how I'm moved. I'm sure there's a great story here, I just can't ever get enough of a glimpse of it to fully enjoy it.

Plus, there's touches of oddity almost ala Gertrude Stein, only negative (so weird!), like this:

"This was the place where I existed - in the smell that drifted from the top of a pool of champagne -- beside which, even Liam's clothes felt loud.

What does that mean??? Is she saying she was so drunk from the smell that her hangover was so intense that the clothing made a loud sound?? Come on, that's just too much. I need a little more exposition and a little less sensationalism than that. I don't revel in alcoholia sufficiently to be there with that. And then the casual, near constant involvement of men's genitalia also gets old. I mean, it's not written to be exciting or fun, it's written to be banal and almost quietly loathsome. Plus, it is nearly constant. I think that's to do with the sexual crime(s) that are at the core of this narrative. This just isn't my time for all that I don't think.

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