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Four Novels of the 1960s by Philip K. Dick
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Nov 04, 2009

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Read in November, 2009

Seeing how this book contains 4 novels (all of which I plan to read separately, and not straight through) I will leave the book marked as to-read until I have read them all.

The Man in High Castle 3 stars
This book was a bit of a snooze-fest for me until we reached a little further than the half-way point. I am not a big history buff. I am not up to snuff on who we were allies and enemies with during any war (for shame, I know) so a good chunk of this novel was completely lost on me.

We are introduced to a world where Japan and Germany won the war, and split America up into sections and borders. Racism and slavery were still running rampant. American pre-war knick knacks and memorabilia are in high demand. And a book published by the Man in the High Castle causes alot of controversy, banned in most areas due to it's alternative to the alternative world the characters now live in.

Worth mentioning: I thought it very odd that just about everyone in novel was highly dependant on the I Cheng or "Book of Changes", a chinese version of tarot cards - throwing sticks or coins and reading fortunes out of a book - to make any and all decisions for them.


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message 1: by Chloe (new)

Chloe This is a great collection, Lori. Sure, most have heard of Do Androids Dream... and Man in the High Castle before, but the real treats are Ubik and Three Stigmata. Both seriously had me questioning the nature of reality as a good Dick book should.

message 2: by Lori (new) - added it

Lori Well, I am only planning on embarking on one Dick Trip... that would be Man in the High Castle right now. Only two chapters in at the moment, and it just isn't grabbing me yet....

message 3: by Lori (new) - added it

Lori Awwww.. dont sigh Seth. I hate when you sigh.
I can't find Dr Bloodmoney anywhere, I have looked. I wanted to read Cosmic Meat Puppets (did I get that name right?) too... but can't seem to lay hands on that either.

Now I'm about 5 chapters in and it's starting to get better... though I'm still going slow.

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